September 4, 2015

ILNP Fall 2015 Collection Pt. 3 [Swatch] [Review] & [Comparison]

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Are you ready to see the final seven polishes from the ILNP Fall 2015 collection?  If you missed the first two parts/ ten polishes, they are here: Part 1 & Part 2.

Let's get started!

First, here is  ILNP- Spiced Eggnog:

Spiced Eggnog is a pale, warm-toned yellow beige base filled with holographic shimmer and red-copper flake. And, either my eyes are playing tricks on me, or there is also gold shimmer in there as well!

Artificial light, three coats:

So, for whatever reason, this color refuses to photograph color-accurately, and all of these photos have been color corrected. But, I still think the shade is a bit browner or more beige in person. The most accurate photo is the above shot. This does have strong yellow undertones which even pull green on me since there is red in my skin.

Pretty holo:

Look at that complex finish!

This is, unquestionably, the most unique and complex shade in the bunch! It's really strange because it's terribly unflattering on my particular skin tone, and yet I still enjoy it. Magic! I can't wait for someone with deep or warm-toned skin to swatch this one- it will look fab!

Formula: It's a bit on the sheerer side, but so smooth and self-leveling- especially for a color like this! I was a little blown away! Just very easy to work with. This is honestly a really fun formula to use because it is so buttery, and goes right where you want it!

It's buildable, dries down quickly, and is opaque in three easy coats! (At two coats it was about 95% opaque, so I think many people will be satisfied to leave it there!

Next, here is  ILNP- Clockwork:

Clockwork is a warm-toned champagne nude- a holo metallic with dense silver flakes. This is part of a new finish category called "Precious Metals," and also includes Pink Mimosa, Money Bin, & Shoreline from this Summer's release, and Happily Ever After & Fame from the previous Spring collection. Love!

Artificial light, two coats:

This has more of a saturated champagne / soft bronze color in person, but because the flakes are so reflective they do wash away some of the color in photos. It's very pretty though!

Formula: I've always had great things to say about these silver flake-laden metallic holos from ILNP, and this is no exception. Just ridiculously easy to apply, dries quickly, opaque in two coats! Wouldn't change a thing about it!

Here is  ILNP- First Class:

First Class is the other Precious Metals shade in the collection, and the silver counterpart to Clockwork. It's got the same density of silver flake, but the overall color is also silver- so more tone-on-tone. It's a very blue-leaning, cool silver too. I love it!

Artificial light, two coats:

Formula: It's basically the same as Clockwork! Very, very nice- opaque in two coats! A+!

Here is the holographic version of Cameo,  ILNP- Cameo (H):

Cameo H has color shift exactly like the original Cameo (warm purple, gold, prominent green), but has holographic particles scattered throughout.

Artificial light, three coats:

The Road To Awe on middle and index nails.


Formula: It's smooth, but slightly on the sheer side and very similar to all of ILNP's other multichrome/ holo finishes. I used three coats for swatches to get perfect opacity at the nail tips!

Next, here is one of the new Ultra Chrome Flakies, ILNP- The Road To Awe:

The Road To Awe has very similar shift to Cameo (H), and that's what I've shown it layered over.

Artificial light, one coat over Cameo (H):

Formula: It's nice! The density is perfect for layering, and the flakies spread evenly and easily over the nail. No complaints! 

Next this is the new Ultra Chrome,  ILNP- Greatness:

Greatness has a sort of warm burgundy- cherry starting color, and shows transition to warm gold and green at the edges. Perfect multichrome for Fall!

Artificial light, three coats:


Glory on middle and index nails.

Formula: It's very similar to Cameo (H) and other Ultra Chromes. Slightly sheer, medium viscosity, and easy to apply. Brushstrokes dry down to nothing pretty nicely, but it does help to paint in straight lines. I needed three coats for opacity at the tips of my nails, even though the nailbed itself was opaque at two.

Finally, this is the other new Ultra Chrome Flakie, ILNP- Glory:

Glory is the shifting counterpart to Greatness: warm burgundy to warm gold and green.

Artificial light, one coat over Greatness:

Formula: It's exactly like The Road To Awe and every other Ultra Chrome Flakie I've tried. Nice! 

Comparison Time! 

Some of these are Ultra Chromes, and some are Holo Ultra Chromes, but I think you can still get an idea of the starting colors and shifts. Greatness is pretty close to Abundance, but Abundance is more on the orange side, whereas Greatness' starting color is more red-toned. Cameo H is overall a bit cooler-toned than Masquerade.

This next is not really a comparison, but I wanted to show all of the Precious Metals shades together:

As you can see, First Class is a lot darker than Fame- it's more of a steely color than a warm silver!  Isn't this lineup so pretty? I really love this finish!

Overall, Oh man, I am really loving the new "Precious Metals" finish category which Clockwork and First Class fall into! Those polishes are stunning and so metallic! They are definitely highlights for me in the entire collection. Plus, the formulas on them are perfect.  I also really love Greatness- so perfect for Fall, and I've been wearing it on my right hand for four days with just minor tip wear!

Spiced Eggnog is really not my cup of tea, but it is unique, and I've already seen it on some women with dark skin, and it looks so nice! Plus, it had an amazing formula for a light, creamy, yellow-based polish!

So, If I had to choose favorites from the entire collection (including these seven, plus the other ten shades I've already reviewed), it would probably go something like: Mountain View, After Midnight, Maiden Lane, Mona Lisa, Overnight Bag, Pretty Little Liar, & First Class! Is that too many? It's terribly hard to narrow down!

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What do you think?
Do you have a favorite here?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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