April 17, 2014

I Love Nail Polish- Sirene [Swatch]

I Love Nail Polish- Sirene is from the Spring 2014 collection of Ultra Chromes.  The other one that I picked up from the same set is Nostalgia (H), swatched here.

Sirene is a gorgeous green/ aqua/ indigo/ purple multichrome. Straight-on it appears mostly vibrant green with teal/aqua and indigo fading out toward the edges. At more oblique angles, it is purple/ indigo.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

If you don't like green on your nails at all, you won't like this- but, it really is super changeable, and if you like multichromes, you need Sirene. It's beetles on your nails!

Outside, shade:

Formula: It applies sheerly, but is not streaky.  It sort of wants to drag baldish patches if you overwork an area, but then if you wait long enough, it self-levels to correct it. The second, slightly thicker, coat is opaque, if a little thin at the tips.  Brushstrokes are invisible at normal viewing distances. Very nice!

[Press Release] Zoya Magical Pixie for Summer 2014

Another press release from Zoya! There will be three new Magical Pixie dust polishes released for Summer!  This is really great news if you loved the first three.

Take a look:

These will be available May 15, 2014 | $10.00 ea (US) on Zoya.com.

Which one intrigues you most?  For me, I think the purple, Arlo!

April 15, 2014

[Press Release] Zoya Tickled & Bubbly for Summer 2014

Zoya has released information about their Summer collections! They are called Tickled & Bubbly, and are a set of vibrant cremes, and Summery metallic holographics, respectively!


Okay, so I love cremes, and I love holos- therefore,  I have to say that I'm in high anticipation of these! (Especially the greens and purples...and oranges!)

$9.00 ea. (US) | Available May 15, 2014 on Zoya.com (but you can already pre-order!)

What do you think?

April 14, 2014

Gradient Stamping with Essie Hide & Go Chic Polishes [Nail Art]

Today I have a little nail art with a couple of the new Essie Hide & Go Chic polishes. 

Essie- Truth or Flare is the overall base color (you can see it sans-gradient on the thumb and index nails).  The gradient is Truth or Flare as well as the darker blue from the same collection, Essie- Hide & Go Chic. The third color is LVX- Cliquot, which I also used for the stamping.

The stamp is from MoYou London Sailor plate- 07, and as you can see it didn't stamp uber-cleanly. I don't know if that's improper squishy stamper technique or what.

I was initially going to swatch the Hide & Go Chic polishes for you, but when I used Truth or Flare, I got ugly bubbling on a couple of nails, so I sort of scrapped the whole idea, since I am behind on swatching stuff anyway (and sometimes you want a weekend not completely consumed by nail polish, ya know?).

Here's what I originally had to say about the formula:

Formula: It is sheer but buildable; the viscosity seems thin at first, but as you paint it on, it appears thicker, somehow.  This was mostly opaque for me in two coats, although I still had some thinner areas, which for swatching required a third coat. 

I used medium-thickness coats, and ended up with bubbling, so I'd be careful with this one.  Frustrating!

I also have Essie- Real Stylish from this same collection, and I miiiight swatch that if I get a chance.  It seems like a nice red.

For now, I thought we could enjoy these nice blues in a gradient!  /words

April 13, 2014

OPI- Int'l Crime Caper [Swatch]

Today, I have OPI- Int'l Crime Caper to show you!  For some reason, it was the only color that, in the end, really piqued my interest from the recent Muppets Most Wanted collection.

Int'l Crime Caper is a cream-colored/ off-white, sheer base filled with dense, ultrafine pink and slightly larger blue shimmers.  The quality of the shimmer particles really lends this polish a...dare I say pearlescent? quality.

Artificial light, four coats:

This sheer type of pearly pink neutral is sooooo late 80s/ early-mid 90s, I know, but I can't help it- it's really pretty when you put it on. It is delicate and feminine...like a sea shell.

I do not like the aesthetic of it when I look in the mirror at my hands from afar- I think it does look incredibly dated then.  But closer up, it's very pretty. Does that even make sense?  So, I don't know, this is not very wearable in reality for me, but it's lovely in photos.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:


Formula: This is sheer to the max, so I do recommend some kind of layering with white/ off-white underwear. The viscosity is medium, not too think or thin. It paints on without streaking at all, which is great because you can stop at whatever opacity you're comfortable with...without having to worry about fixing uneven areas. I used four coats, and you can see there was still visible nail line.

I let it fully dry to the touch between each thin coat, and still got some sparse bubbling, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Blah, OPI! *shakes fist*

I think this could be worn more sheerly than what I have here if you don't have discolored nails and don't mind VNL.  It also might be an interesting choice in a French mani. It might even add a pearly quality as an overcoat to darker polishes....hmmm, possibilities...

What do you think?

April 10, 2014

Mail-time: Picture Polish Extravaganza!

Last week, Ham and I received some highly-anticipated mail! 

Here's Ham in the normal mail-time spot:

It's carried by DHL- it has to be good, right?!

Picture Polish!  This is my first ever Picture Polish order.  I've been admiring them from afar for a long time, but just couldn't quite justify the shipping since it's an Australian indie brand. However, I found out about the 8 shade 'Everyday Deal' they always run.  So guess how many polishes I got? Muahaha!

Something else that really motivated this order were the LE shades, including Aurora and Borealis, which I really, really wanted before they were completely unavailable!  This was the first time I have ever stalked a indie re-stock, and it was a little crazy, but I am so happy I did! 

Inside the outer envelope is a simple bag:

Peering into the bag:

A wrapped polish 'brick' inside of an outer plastic bag:

Let me pause here to say how impressed I was with the packaging! The way the polishes were nested together with bubble wrap in between everything, and then another layer of it on the outside- very secure. There was absolutely no room for anything to shift or crash together. I should have taken more pictures, but it probably would have bored you. (Anyway, it was soooo much better than some polish shippers who throw multiple polishes loose into a thin bubble bag- I'm looking at you, Ulta!)

Polishes unwrapped from bubble brick:

You can see that I bought four of the LE color-shifting polishes (bottom row), as well as four other non-LE shades which I've just been lemming.


The four LE polishes- yum!

Now, I will say that Aurora photographs much bluer than in reality.  It really is a green-leaning teal most of the time (The first photo is the most accurate.)

I love that Picture Polish has the polish name built into the design on the front of the bottle! That way I don't have to type them out!  Keep in mind there is a big difference between Aurora and Gravity- Aurora is much greener in person.

The other four polishes:

Hope was actually one I hadn't heard of until I ordered, but I had to pick an eighth polish, and after I looked up swatches, I was pretty much a goner.  It's gorgeous in person too!

I'm so excited to wear all of these! I've already swatched Borealis, but haven't sorted through the photos yet.

Do you guys have any favorite Picture Polish shades?