September 20, 2014

Random China Glaze Skittle [Nail Art]

Happy Saturday, everyone! Woo! This is just a quick post to share this [admittedly, beat up] skittle manicure, which I was initially not going to show.  But, I ended up loving the color combination so much, that I took some quick photos!

Index: China Glaze- Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage
Middle: China Glaze- The Grass Is Lime Greener
Ring: China Glaze- Boundary of Memory
Pinkie: China Glaze- Nice Caboose!

Both polishes I recently acquired from The Giver collection are here. I'm really pleased with Boundary of Memory- it's beautiful and really sparkly in person. Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage is a little underwhelming to me (and slightly watery), but I do have a lot of grey cremes.

The Grass Is Lime Greener is bright and gorgeous, but the formula is difficult, and also chipped by the eleventh hour. Nice Caboose! is from the new Fall 2014 All Aboard collection, and I'll be showing you proper swatches of it soon!

I loved this color palette for some reason! My boyfriend thought it looked crazy and didn't go together at all.  

What do you think?

September 17, 2014

Picture Polish- Unicorn [Swatch]

Today, I've got Picture Polish- Unicorn to show you! This polish is from the recent 2014 release of blogger collaboration shades, and this one was created with Allie of Brit Nails.

Unicorn is a creamy turquoise (almost sea foam, really) base filled with pink shimmer as well as tiny pink hex glitter, and slightly bigger silver hexes.  This dries matte and to a slightly rough finish (but not bumpy), so top coat is recommended, and that's what I've shown in the swatches.

Artificial light, two coats:

This photographs as more of a green-leaning baby blue than a turquoise, so these photos have been color-corrected in post. I think they look fairly accurate to the real deal.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

This is so lovely in person! I wore it for about five days, I think (which is nuts for me- NUTS). It wore really nicely in that time; I just had minimal tipwear. I also think the name is so fitting: a seafoam with pink sparkles? Come on!


Formula: It's packed with glitter and shimmer, but paints on nicely and evenly. It almost has a fluffy feeling? The base doesn't feel dense, and distributes the glitters onto the nail surface well. I used two medium thickness coats, and thought that was very opaque!

Like I mentioned before, top coat is pretty necessary with this one to smooth it out and really bring out the glitter and shimmer. I used one coat of Gelous and one coat of INM- Out The Door.

What do you guys think of Unicorn?
Did any of the other collab shades catch your eye?

September 15, 2014

Mail-time: A Haul to Gloriously Conclude My No-Buy!

Hey everyone! I've solved my lighting / speedlight dilemma for now (I picked up a Yongnuo YN-560 II, if you're curious, and so far it's doing wonderfully!), so I'm finally able to swatch properly and share this glorious, glorious mail time* with you!

*Also, ugh, I loathe the word "haul" in relation to shopping / consumerism. But,what else do you call this?!

I know you haven't seen Ham so much on the blog lately (although, he's been on IG), so I took many, many photos!

Inspecting the goods:

Some kind of canine/ nail varnish still life?

I have no idea what this is about. I asked him if he thought carrots were yummy. I was trying to get him to lick his chops!

It is the long-suffering expression + guilt-trip ray combo! And, it was super effective: many carrot pieces ensued!

Good Ham.

At any rate, this mail-time is really three separate mail-times/ orders! They did happen to arrive all on the same day though, which was a lucky coincidence, as I didn't place the orders at the same time! It did make for an epic mail day for me!

So, first, the real straw that broke the camel's (no-buy's) back was the Emily de Molly restock on I really couldn't pass up the opportunity to own Cosmic Forces at long last  (especially after seeing it in person when I was able to snag it for my Santee during this polish swap).  Plus, there were new colors recently released! How could I say no??

Luckily, the restock almost perfectly coincided with the official end of my no-buy (end of August).

Emily de Mollys from Nail Polish Canada:

left to right: Pyrite, Tread Lightly, Serenity, Monet's Garden, Cosmic Forces

All of these, other than Tread Lightly (already swatched here), are long time lemmings of mine, so it was a nice feeling to finally have them in hand! 

I am in love with these!

I do want to mention that NailPolishCanada has free shipping to the US for orders over $50.  That's a good deal when you're stalking an EdM restock! Also, they usually ship orders ridiculously quickly!

Next, and equally as exciting, is the order I placed from I may be slightly oblivious, but I just learned that they carry Picture Polish, so I had to jump on that since I'd been eyeing a lot of the new collaboration shades. It was my first experience with Color4Nails, and it was a good one!

Picture Polishes from Color4Nails:

left to right: Unicorn, Fool's Gold, Eerie, Amethyst, Blue Dog

I've already swatched Unicorn and am processing the photos, so stay tuned for that one! I wore Unicorn for about five days, so that should tell you something about how much I ended up adoring it!

Yum! I'm excited to wear all of these!

Last, I made an order from 8ty8Beauty Supply. If you can get past the janky name, I recommend this e-tailer. Shipping is not calculated until after you've checked out, and that is really the only downside I can see. My order's shipping charge ended up being $12 even, and I ordered 11 polishes. That's a bit steep, but their polishes are much, much cheaper than anywhere I can find these brands in person.

Orlys from 8ty8Beauty:

left to right: Smoked Out, Brush It On, Edgy, Sparkling Garbage

The three polishes farthest to the left are from the new Fall 2014 collection called Smoky. Sparkling Garbage is one that I was initially not attracted to, but I kept seeing people rave about it, so I had to satisfy my curiosity! I can tell you that it is gorgeous in the bottle!

I have to say that Orly is really bringing it lately! I've liked the brand for a long time, but they've really been coming out with unique, quality colors, especially for a commercial brand!

I also picked up quite a few China Glaze polishes, from various releases:

China Glaze- Grass Is Lime Greener.

Grass Is Lime Greener is from the Spring 2014 City Flourish collection, and I'd initally passed on it, but it grew on me. What can I say?!

China Glaze The Giver polishes:

China Glaze- Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage, China Glaze- Boundary of Memory

These two are from the recent The Giver- inspired collection. I was intrigued by the grey, since many people are describing it as blue-leaning (and it is), but I feel like I probably already have something similar. Boundary of Memory, on the other hand, is an amazing, dense glitter! It's like the brown-bronze version of China Glaze- Skyscraper from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection, which I own and love.

China Glaze Fall 2014 All Aboard polishes:

left to right: Mind The Gap, Nice Caboose!, Choo-Choo Choose You, Lug Your Designer Baggage

I also picked up four shades from the new China Glaze Fall collection! To be honest, this entire collection appeals to me, so it's a wonder I was able to narrow it down to four! I've already photographed swatches of these guys, so that post is also in the works.

Spoiler Alert (not): Choo-Choo Choose You is my stand-out favorite!

And, that's all folks!  I have a lot of new stuff to try, and should probably go on another extended no-buy, stat!

Have you guys received any interesting polish in the mail recently??

September 11, 2014

Emily de Molly- Tread Lightly [Swatch]

Today I'm excited to share Emily de Molly- Tread Lightly with you! This polish is from the Spring (April) 2014 release, so is pretty recent.

Tread Lightly has a soft, aqua base which looks a little more seafoam on the nail.  There are several sizes of circle glitter; the biggest ones are orchid purple and holographic. There are also a couple sizes of lighter pink, purple, and holo hex glitters.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

I really enjoyed wearing this one! It's just a lovely, soft combination of colors.


Up close:

Formula: The crelly base is not too thick or thin, and the glitter distributes nicely over the nail. I didn't turn this upside down prior to application, and didn't have to fish too much at all for the largest glitters- one or two appeared naturally on the brush. It sets fairly quickly to the touch, so you don't have to wait too long in between coats.  I only needed two medium-thickness coats for opacity. I thought this was super nice for a dense glitter!