September 9, 2015

Mail-time: ALIQUID Lacquer Incarnate Fall 2015 Polishes!

Hello everyone! Today, Ham and I have a sweet Mail-time to share!

Alison of ALIQUID Lacquer has kindly sent me four polishes of my choosing from her new Fall 2015 collection to review! The collection, which releases this Saturday, the 12th, is called The Incarnate Collection, and is inspired by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind!

(If, somehow, you're still not familiar with ALIQUID Lacquer, check out some posts here, here, and here!)

I will let Hambone take it from here!

Polishes lined up so neatly...and then-

attack of the high-five!

Let's try that again!


So this mail-time was shot right before Ham's very important dinner time, and he was very hungry and offering all kinds of behaviors! But, I promise, no polishes were harmed in the making of this production!

Speaking of polishes!

Yum! Aren't these perfect Fall colors? I want the weather to change already!

L to R: Sleepers Awake; Mercy, Mastery, Mystery; Divine Disease; Beneath Red Mountain

Now, I can't confess to ever having played Elder Scrolls, but when I do have lots of extra time (when??) I sometimes become obsessed with Steam games (although mostly not RPGs). Still, this collection is so pretty and moody that it makes me want to check out the game!

Let's get some macro on this situation!

I love the mix of finishes that I'm seeing here!

Ugh! Aren't they too gorgeous?! I have swatches of these four coming very shortly! (hopefully Friday, if things go as planned.)

Also, very important, during the first three days of the release (the 12th through 14th), the collection will be 15% off! | $10-12 (full size)

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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