July 25, 2016

ILNP Summer 2016 Collection Polishes [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? It was mega hot here- well into the 100s with the heat index- that humidity is not helping anything! (I have to admit that I did get slightly caught up in Pokemon Go, but it was a welcome distraction!)

Anyway, today I have polishes from ILNP's Summer 2016 collection to share with you! These are so gorgeous, as I'm sure you're well aware by now, but I'm still pretty stoked to show swatches! *dies*

Before we get into it, I'd love to know what you think of this new swatch format! I've decided to show all images for each shade together as one collage to keep things a little more streamlined, and hopefully take some strain off of your scrolling finger! In the future, I'll probably try to implement some sort of hover effect which will enlarge the entire collage image slightly for better viewing. I'm not totally sure Blogger supports such a thing, or of my ability to figure it out- haha! We'll see!

Also, some of these polishes are designed to be worn slightly sheer, so I've decided to show them all at two coats, and not attempt to build opacity beyond what two layers provides! Hopefully, that will give everyone an idea of each shade's pigmentation/ opacity level.

Ready to take a look?!

First, here is ILNP- Manor House:

Manor House is a soft, pale taupe scattered holographic with gold/bronze shimmer. The base taupe is so lovely- purple undertones, but also notes of grey and brown. So nice!

Formula: The base is a jelly so it's pretty sheer, but it glides on oh-so-smoothly, and is a great consistency as well. It's buildable, and while there's visible nail line at two coats, it's not intrusive. I think depending on application style, three coats would be opaque for most people.

Here is ILNP- Peachy Queen:

Peachy Queen is a soft, pink-toned apricot peach with scattered holo (flake) and gold shimmers.

I have to say I didn't love this one against my skin- it was a little too tone-on-tone for me! I'm sure it'll be lovely on others, though.

Formula: It's extremely similar to Manor House in every way: sheer jelly base, applies easily, self-levels. At two coats, this one does seem sheerer than Manor House, however. It's still kind of a soft and delicate look, but it's a shade I'd ideally prefer opaque.

Next, ILNP- That Other Girl:

The Other Girl is a pink jelly base with lots of golden shimmer, as well as Ultra Holo-sized holographic flake. This can look more pink or more golden depending on whether the light is reflecting strongly off of that intense golden shimmer!

Formula: It's smooth and a nice medium consistency. Like the others, it's sheer due to the jelly base, but the holo flake particles are so reflective it really makes everything more opaque-looking than it otherwise would be. Two easy coats were good for me!

Finally, the lovely ILNP- Interstellar:

Interstellar is an indigo jelly base filled with scattered holo flake and color-shifting teal-aqua shimmer.

This is a color that will look so dramatic layered over black- or even a dark blue or purple! This color just screams base for galaxy nails!

Formula: It's very sheer and also a little on the thin side. However, with a sheer polish, I'd much rather have a thinner formula than a thick one! It builds shockingly well, so as long as your first coat is solid, the second coat definitely approaches opacity aside from some sheerness at the very tips. 

Overall, these are fantastic if you can't tell from photos! A couple of them, namely That Other Girl and Peachy Queen are much prettier in person than I think my photos are able to show! All have nice, easy-to-manipulate formulas, as long as you don't mind something slightly sheerer. That said, most of them are nearly opaque in two coats, especially with all of the reflective particles contained, and the others are buildable to opacity in three easy coats.

My personal faves are easily Interstellar and That Other Girl!

If you're looking for the other two shades from the Summer 2016 collection, Private Cabana & Storytelling...


I've shown them together as nail art previously:

ILNP | $10

What do you think?  What's your fave?
Have you tried any from this collection?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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