About The Hound

Hambone, also known on this blog as "The Hound," is an Australian Shepherd/ GSD mix that I adopted five+ years ago from a local rescue group.  His vet thinks he is anywhere from ten to twelve years of age now.  He's going silver in the face, but still has crazy bursts of energy!  

All I know about his story is that a family adopted him from the same rescue previously, and then allowed their child to hit him with a baseball bat. Ham ended up biting the child's shirt (which I think is a reasonable response).  They returned him to the shelter.  Later, I signed up to foster him.  My foster career was short (about 10 days!) - he was special, and I knew I had to keep him!

Together, we've since done a ton of counter-conditioning work with children and other situations in which I've learned he's reactive. I am happy to say that children can now, under supervision, approach and pet Ham safely- he's relaxed, and a perfect gentleman. (No child should ever be left unattended with a dog, though.)

He's full of personality, and has a lot of opinions about various things- namely, me paying attention to him. He makes an array of noises: moans, grumbles, huffs, and something we call the "mouth-clack," wherein he yawns and then clacks his jaws together with a snap when he is feeling perturbed/ bored/ jaunty.

hunting squirrels through the window

I do a bit of clicker training with him, and he is whip-smart, picking up behaviors and tricks very quickly.  He loves food, naps, and hunting small woodland creatures.  (He's caught bunnies, a squirrel, and a possum.  2/3 of those I was able to save.)  He's also a connoisseur of weeds. 

Unlike myself, Ham is pretty indifferent toward nail polish.