September 28, 2015

Mail-time: Delush Polish Dames of Thrones Collection!

Hey everyone! Where did the weekend go? Did you guys get to see the Super Blood Moon last night? It was pretty clear here, so I got a peek! Pretty cool!

Today, Ham and I have a special mail-time to share: the Fall 2015 Dames of Thrones collection from Delush Polish! I love circle glitter, and although I've never previously tried Delush, I think the brand is pretty well known for their circle glitter mixes! So, I was pretty excited about the chance to swatch these for you!

Here's Ham-the-dog:

Look at this pretty packaging:

This collection is inspired by "pivotal female characters" from Game of Thrones, so I'm pretty excited as a fan of the show!


Now, I've already swatched these, and photos are in post, so I already have my favorites! But, I'm not telling!

How about some close-ups? Garden of Thorns (Margaery Tyrell):

Girl of Many Faces (Arya Stark):

Queen of No Mercy (Cersei Lannister):

Belle of Winterfell (Sansa Stark):

The Priestess (Melisandre):

Dancing With Dragons (Daenerys Targaryen):

A Knight to Remember (Brienne of Tarth):

Don't these look lovely?  They are already available, so stay tuned for swatches!

Delush Polish | $4.50 - $8.95 (full size)

Which do you think is your favorite?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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