September 7, 2015

China Glaze The Great Outdoors & Desert Escape Skittlette [Nail Art]

Hello nail people! Happy Labor Day! Isn't it so nice to have a long weekend?? According to some meta-analyses, every weekend should be a three-day weekend, so hmmph!

Anyway, today I have some nail art for you that I've already teased on IG:

This is a skittlette done with four new China Glaze polishes. Two are from Summer's Desert Escape collection, and two are from this Fall's The Great Outdoors collection. These polishes were my only picks from those two sets, so I thought I'd just combine them into some nail art! (Especially since the creme basically calls out to be a nail art base!)

L to R: Wood You Wanna?, Let's Dew It, Meet Me in the Mirage, What's She Dune?

These two are from the Fall The Great Outdoors collection:

This and the nude (What's She Dune?) is from the Summer 2015 Desert Escape collection:


For these nails, I started with a base of What's She Dune? on all nails except the index, and then topped with Glisten & Glow HK- Girl for that quick-dry effect. I used a base of Meet Me in the Mirage on the index (two coats).  On the thumb and pinkie, I used French tip guides like nail vinyls to add a half-moon shape with Meet Me in the Mirage.

I applied What's Up Nails Moroccan stencils to the other nails once I was sure they were completely set. On the index nail, I painted What's She Dune? directly over the stencil, then immediately removed it. The middle and ring nails got inverse helpings of Wood You Wanna? and Let's Dew It, and I just sponged both of those on to build up density faster with the blue glitter. I didn't really try  carefully to make a gradient or anything, and I still really enjoyed the way it turned out.

These nail stencils from What's Up Nails continue to impress me! I used another design in this manicure. I really recommend them!

Up close!

I did get some pretty hardcore bubbling from top coating that chunky glitter, but that's because it was so stacked up on itself. I didn't really notice the bubbles at normal viewing distances- just problematic for photos. Oh well!

I think Wood You Wanna? is probably my favorite polish of these four! It's a taupey-brown shimmer, and I can't actually decide if it has more purple, grey, red, or brown in it! Interesting (and great formula)! Meet Me in the Mirage is also pretty awesome, and is not a dupe for Orly- Rage, I checked. This China Glaze is much pinker than Rage. I will be hoarding both!

Index featuring Meet Me in the Mirage & What's She Dune?:


Random stray glitter ahoy!  (I'm assuming from Let's Dew It.)

What do you think?

Have you tried any of these China Glaze polishes?

Or any others from these two collections?

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