September 17, 2015

Polished by KPT The After 7 Collection for Fall 2015! [Swatch][Review]

Hey everyone! Today I have a pretty awesome collection to share with you: Polished by KPT's Fall 2015 offering called The After 7 Collection! This 7-piece collection features a variety of purple hues all in varying finishes. There are some holo mixes, glitter mixes, some chromatic-shifting shimmers, and even multichrome flakies!

Ready to take a look?

First, we'll start with Polished by KPT- Hypnotic:

Hypnotic is described as "a chameleon polish that transitions to purple, violet, red, and a hint of orange/gold." It has large, color-shifting green-gold flakies as well. The glassflecky shimmer shifts from a deep, cool purple to a warm pink-magenta, and sometimes you do see a hint of yellow/gold/green at the edges.

Artificial light, three coats:

This polish actually says "Halloween" to me, and I think it will make an awesome backdrop for some spooky October/Halloween nails!

Formula: It's sheer, but the first coat goes on nicely, and the base carries the flakies very well. The first coat wasn't even streaky- just pretty sheer at the nail tips. However, it's way more buildable than I was expecting, and the second coat is functionally opaque- I think because it clings to itself so nicely, allowing for a thicker second coat. I still decided to do three coats to see if the color would deepen. (It did, almost imperceptibly though.) Overall, very nice! 

Here is Polished by KPT- Light It Up:

Light It Up is a holographic glitter mix with small multichrome flakies that shift violet-magenta-red-orange-gold-green. There is also strong, present violet/magenta shimmer flash that gives the overall finish a pink glow. Very cool!

This can be worn as a stand-alone shade, or can be used as a topper to layer over other colors. I've chosen to show it by itself!

Artificial light, three coats:

I mean, how pretty is that?! This is definitely one of the stand-out shades for me. I own nothing at all like it (or the next one, Nix) in my collection.

Here's how it looks when direct light isn't making the holo light up:

Ah! Rainbow flakie goodness!

Formula: It's sheer (because it can also be used as a topper), but the texture is great: self-leveling, flows over nail well, and the particles are carried nicely by the base. That said, this builds way better than I was anticipating (just like Hypnotic), and is essentially opaque in three easy coats. There is some slight sheerness, but everything in this polish is so reflective that it's hard to see with the naked eye.

This polish has a great density; it's perfect for one-coat layering over other polishes, and yet still easy to build up to opacity! Pretty amazing!

Here is Light It Up's sister, Polished by KPT- Nix:

Nix is also a holographic glitter topper with small multichrome flakes that show shift in a rainbow of colors.

Artificial light, three coats:

Less directional light to show the flakies!

This is similar to Light It Up, but cooler-toned. Less pink/purple, more blue.

Formula: It's basically the same as Light It up! Sheer, but surprisingly buildable- great for layering or wearing alone! The texture is very nice, easy to use!

I should also mention than one coat of top coat was more than enough to smooth this!  (And Light It Up)

Next, Polished by KPT- Solitude:

Solitude is a holographic with a cool, bluish-purple shimmer flash that tends to look more violet at the center. Very unique! This is the coolest-toned purple in the collection, if you don't count the previous topper Nix.

Artificial light, two coats:

This is lovely! I wore it for quite a few days on my non-swatching hand, and really enjoyed it!

Here is how the finish looks when the holo isn't sparkling as much:

Formula: It's more pigmented than I was expecting, and the viscosity was a nice thickness too. Very workable, and goes on easily. Opaque in two coats!

Next, here is Polished by KPT- Dream Weaver:

Dream Weaver is a medium-dark purple holographic. The holo effect in this one is a little bit stronger than the other three holos in the collection, showing up indoors pretty well!

Artificial light, two coats:

And, a less-holo shot:

Purdy! This is the most traditionally purple out of all of these purple shades!

Formula: It's very similar to Solitude: medium-thick viscosity, pigmented, and goes right where you want it! Opaque in two coats as long as you take care to wrap tips during both coats. (It's the kind of formula that shrinks back into itself, so will pull away from your nail tips and be sheerer, unless you wrap them. Pretty normal deal for holos.) Very nice, overall! 

Here is Polished by KPT- Unspoken:

Unspoken is a holographic multichrome with a violet-magenta shimmer flash that shows olive and sometime a steel-like color at the edges.

Artificial light, two coats:

This one is pretty shifty! You can see that the edges can be pretty warm gold, and the pink/purple flash is mostly in the middle of the nail. Depends on the viewing angle- very cool!

And, here is the finish when the holo is more subdued:

Formula:  It's nice! The same as the previous two holos. (Very consistent formulas between all four holographics!)

Last, one of my favorites here, Polished by KPT- Selene:

Selene is a holographic with a reddish magenta shimmer flash that can also look a bit copper.

Artificial light, two coats:

This one looks really interesting when the holo isn't lighting up!

Formula: Very nice! The same as the previous three holos: smooth, easy to use, opaque in two coats!

Overall, I'm loving the variety of finishes here- and different purple hues! The holographics are particularly special because three have a surprising shimmer flash that's really entertaining and beautiful in those situations where the holographic particles aren't stealing the show! The holos were also more pigmented, creamy, and opaque than I was initially expecting!

The two glitter mixes, Light It Up and Nix, are unique and super pretty as well! I'm very impressed that they can be layered or worn alone. I was very happy with the opacity at three coats with them- and you don't see that often in layering shades/ toppers!

I don't really have anything negative to say! The formulas on all were very nice! I think that some people might find Unspoken and Selene to be too close in color, but they are easy to tell apart in person! My personal favorites are Light It Up, Selene, and Unspoken!

Polished by KPT | $9-12 | Available 9.19 12PM PST

What do you think?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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