September 11, 2015

ALIQUID Lacquer Fall 2015 Incarnate Collection Polishes [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey guys! Friday! That's all I have to say about that!

Today I have swatches of four of the new ALIQUID Lacquer Fall 2015 Incarnate Collection polishes to share with you! This collection releases tomorrow, Sept. 12th! It's inspired by the game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and though I haven't played that game, I can definitely pick up the eerie, creepy vibe these polishes are laying down! Perfect for Fall!

(more bottle shots here in the Mail-time)

Let's take a look already!

First, here is ALIQUID Lacquer- Sleepers Awake:

Sleepers Awake is a "Greyed-out rose mauve with iridescent green and purple flakies, gold microglitter and blue sparks."  That describes it pretty well! I think there are definite mauve tones here, but it also borders on muted plum territory.

Artificial light, two coats:

Look at that finish! There is a lot going on here! Complex, but cohesive- my favorite!

Formula: It has a medium viscosity with a medium pigmentation level, and paints on the nail smoothly. It dries down more quickly than I was expecting, and the second coat clings very nicely to the first so it feels thicker going on. Easily opaque at two coats, and the color deepens a lot with the second as well! Very nice!

Next, is ALIQUID Lacquer- Mercy, Mastery, Mystery:

Mercy, Mastery, Mystery is a "a blue-grey crelly with red shimmer, ultrachrome flakies, and scattered holo microglitter." I love the red shimmer in this one!

Artificial light, two coats:

And, the flakies are pretty juicy too!

This is such a chic, flattering color! The base color reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Gray by Gray, which was (literally) my favorite polish ever when I was just beginning to become polish-obsessed (and prior to my intro to indies)! So lovely! Gray by Gray is a bit lighter in color value though, but basically the same tone.

I was pretty sad to take this one off when it was time to swatch the next!

Formula: It's pigmented with a medium viscosity and very workable! It self-levels really nicely, and you can have it opaque in one coat if you use a very heavy hand. I used two for swatches, and it's just a stellar formula overall!

Next, here is ALIQUID Lacquer- Divine Disease:

Divine Disease is a "dark swampy green jelly with gold, orange and green color-shifting flakies and red shimmer." The flakies in this one are pretty big, and look really nice! They lay flat too.

Artificial light, two coats:

This is a really wearable green for me. I know my skin looks so red in photos, but in person I didn't notice that- there's just enough brown/red tone in this green to keep it from clashing.

Formula: This is also pigmented with a medium viscosity. It helps to load your brush more generously than you normally would in order to have adequate polish to carry the flakes all the way to the nail tips. That said, I think the base (which feels more like a crelly than jelly to me) carries everything really nicely, and is very easy to use and self-leveling. Opaque in two coats! 

Finally, here is ALIQUID Lacquer- Beneath Red Mountain:

Beneath Red Mountain is a "Dark mahogany with strong bronze shimmer and red microglitter." I think mahogany describes this perfectly!

Artificial light, two coats:

Depending on how the light hits this, it can look super deep brown like below or more red-toned like above^.

This is so insanely gorgeous. It could be the best brown shimmer I own!

Formula: It's rich and pigmented, and maybe the viscosity is slightly thicker than the others (although not too thick). It applies smoothly, self-levels, and overall is really nice to use! Opaque in two coats!

With this one, top coat is very important to bring out the shimmer, but also to smooth the texture slightly. The microglitter stands out just a little from the base after dry-down, but top coat makes everything perfectly level again. I almost didn't mention this because who doesn't top coat nowadays?- but, you know, full disclosure!

Overall, I love these! Can you tell?? The formulas on all are pigmented and easy to work with- all opaque in two coats! Color-wise I don't think I need to say much! They are gorgeous, and the finishes are complex, but interesting. And, I don't know, just very aesthetically pleasing to me! I think these are super exciting shades for Fall! | $10-12 (full size)

During the first three days of the release (the 12th through 14th), the collection will be 15% off!

I'd love to know what you think!
Which is your favorite here?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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