March 10, 2016

Zoya Spring 2016 Petals Collection [Swatch][Review] & [Comparison]

Hey nail friends! Today I'm excited to be sharing swatches of Zoya's Spring collection called Petals! This is a set of six polishes- 5 stand-alone shades and 1 topper- in pastel, feminine hues. All have glassfleck shimmer, but in two of the colored shades, it's a bit less dense and more subtle.

The mail-time for the Petals collection is here if you're looking for more bottle shots of these beautiful shades.

Ready to get started?!

First, here is the lightest pink in the collection, Zoya- Laurel:

Laurel is a warm-toned pink creme base with lighter pink-purple/ silver shimmer. This looks like almost a cotton candy pink on me- very, very beautiful color, but not quite my style!

Artificial light, three coats:

Here is Laurel with the topper, Leia, layered over the middle and ring fingers (one coat):

Formula: It has a medium-thick texture, and I would say is on the sheerer side. It applies okay, but was streaky on the first coat, and will drag bald patches if you go over an area too many times. I needed three coats to even out streaky areas. I have to say this doesn't have my favorite formula ever, but topcoat does help in the end to even everything out.

On the plus side though, it dries down quickly and is also quite naturally shiny.

Next the other lightest shade with more subtle shimmer, Zoya- Tulip:

Tulip is a soft coral-peach filled with subtle silver-pink shimmer.

Artificial light, three coats:

And here is Tulip with Leia layered over the two middle nails:

Formula: It's very similar in texture to Laurel, but possibly slightly more forgiving. Maybe a little sheerer, too, but at any rate, it doesn't seem as ready to bunch up or drag as Laurel, although you still can't overwork it. The first coat is streaky, but it built to nice coverage in three coats.

Next, here is Zoya- Zahara, which is one of the shades with noticeably denser glassfleck:

Zahara is a deeper orange-peach with denser, more intense pink and silver glassfleck shimmer.

Artificial light, three coats:

Zahara with Leia on two middle nails:

Formula: It has a nicer texture than the previous two, and I didn't have any problems with pulling or dragging. You have more play time, and it self-levels pretty nicely too. It is similarly sheer though, and I needed three coats for coverage, although I did still have slight visible nail line with three coats (less noticeable in photos).

Next here is Zoya- Azalea:

Azalea is a darker, cool-toned pink- almost fuchsia- filled with dense silver and pink glassfleck shimmer.

Artificial light, two coats:

Azalea with Leia layered on two middle nails:

Formula: It's nice! It's very similar to Zahara, except less sheer. Very workable, and the first coat isn't even streaky. Two easy, creamy coats for opacity!

Here is the purple in the collection, Zoya- Aster:

Aster is a pastel, blue-leaning lilac with dense pink and silver glassfleck shimmer.

Artificial light, two coats:

Aster with Leia layered over two middle nails:

Formula: It's very nice: very similar in texture and performance to the previous two. It seems a little sheerer than Azalea, but surprisingly built to opacity in two easy coats for me! If you use really thin coats, you might need three, but either way, it's an easy formula to apply.

Finally, here's the gorgeous topper Zoya- Leia which you've seen layered over the other shades:

Leia is an iridescent topper with color-shifting pink/purple-green glassfleck shimmer in a clear base. 

Artificial light, three coats:

Pretty! (And prettier in person!)

Formula: It's smooth, easy to apply, and a great density for one-coat layering! For the stand-alone swatches above I used three coats just to show that it would not become opaque on its own. It's wearable this way, I suppose, but I much prefer it as a topper as seen in previous swatches. 

Quick Comparison:

I thought a small comparison was in order since Aster reminded me of OPI- Show Us Your Tips! from the recently-released New Orleans collection. You can see the similarities, but Aster is definitely more purple-leaning, while Show Us Your Tips! is more blue-leaning or periwinkle. The glassfleck shimmer in both is very similar in color and density, so the overall finish on both is basically the same. Both are opaque in two coats for me.

Overall, I like this collection a lot! It's great to see more glassfleck finishes from Zoya because I feel like they used to do them so well. The peachy-pink tones in this set seem like they'd be flattering on many skin tones, and the topper Leia is really beautiful!

Formula-wise, my favorites are easily Aster and Azalea which are pigmented and smoothly opaque in two coats. The other three colored shades are sheerer; Tulip and Laurel in particular have formulas that are workable, but not a joy to apply. Because they don't self-level as well, you definitely need top coat to even everything out at the end.

Available Now: | $10 USD/ea

What do you think?
Which is your favorite shade here?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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