September 1, 2015

Kickass Manicures of the Month! [Feature] [Nail Art]

Whoa, guys! August is gone- welcome to September! That means it's time for another installment of Kickass Manicure of the Month- August edition! Normally, I've been posting this feature on the last day of the month, but I decided it would be better to give you a post today, rather than to double post yesterday!

As always, don't forget to follow the links back to their original sources, and give these amazing nail artists some love!

In no particular order:

Mermaid Scale Nails from Wicked Fullmoon:

Look at these perfect mermaid nails! I absolutely love the metallic gradient underneath, and the placement of the embellishments is so nice! Laura also has a video tutorial for these nails, so check it out!

Funky Graphic Geometric Nails from Lisa Petite Nails:

Meet my new Instagram nail crush! All of Lisa Lee's designs are unique and inspiring, and a lot of them are geometric-based, my fave!

These particular nails were inspired by artist Ben Jones, and I just love her interpretation!  It's just such excellent, graphic colorblocking, and it looks very chic without black or white outlines to divide the blocked sections!

Indian Nail Art from Nail Lacquer UK:

Purple and gold is always so...royal together, and I think this mixture of stamping and dotting really showcases the two polishes that Nail Lacquer UK used for this design. Just love this manicure!

Geometric Gradient Nails from Peppermint Polish:

I pretty much love everything that Peppermint Polish does, so it was difficult to choose, but I had to settle on these geometic, hand-drawn (with acrylic), gradient nails! Very impactful and eye-catching!

Gold on Blue Stamping from Vickerl:

Another color combo that drew me in! Victoria does some amazing, amazing stamping, but I especially love the blue/ gold combo here, and the placement of the stamped design! So lovely!

That's it! 

What was your favorite nail art this month?

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