August 31, 2015

ILNP Fall 2015 Collection Pt. 1 [Swatch][Review] & [Comparison]

Woohoo! Today I have five of the new ILNP Fall 2015 polishes to share with you!

This collection is amazing (bottle shots here), so I'm very excited to show them. I can definitely tell you that they were a blast to photograph!

This will be Part 1 of 3. You know me- I like to group things in color families- so today, I'm showing you (roughly) the cooler-toned shades.  There's also a quick comparison at the end, so stay tuned (or jump down!)

Let's get into it!

First, here is one of the lighter shades in the collection, ILNP- Top Down:

Top Down is a soft aqua blue Ultra Holo.

Artificial light, three coats:

Much holo! You can see the larger holo flake pieces below:

Formula: It's super smooth, and goes right where you want it. Very workable and forgiving (no pulling issues.) I needed three coats for perfect opacity. Two coats would have probably worked out if I weren't photographing it!

Next, ILNP- Maiden Lane:

Maiden Lane is another new Ultra Holo, and a bit hard to describe. It's sort of a dusky metallic, steely color with purple or blue undertones, depending on lighting. Very cool!

Artificial light, two coats:

When the holo isn't lighting up as much:

Formula: It's very similar to Top Down, except seemingly more pigmented just due to it being a darker color. Opaque in two easy coats as long as care is taken to wrap nail tips! Very nice!

Next, ILNP- Lulu:

Lulu is a deep, very blue-leaning purple scattered holographic. The holo particles in this do throw a scattered effect, but there is still a bit of a linear thing going on as well. Fun!

Artificial light, two coats:

This is really an indigo, I think. In person, it looks very blue on me, although it looks purple when you hold it up to true blues!  Not complaining!

Formula: Its base is what I would call a crelly, although manages to be a little more pigmented than the previous two. Application is smooth and easy, like always. Opaque in two buttery coats!

Next, one of the "vampiest" shades in the collection, ILNP- After Midnight:

After Midnight is a deep, blue holographic with the same gold flake as Mountain View. This is a teal-leaning blue (cyan-based).

Artificial light, three coats:


Check out the gold flake:

Formula: The base is a jelly unlike the previous polishes, and so has a sheerer pigmentation level. It spreads over the nail smoothly, and you can't even feel the brush touch your nail at all- just buttery! This is essentially opaque in two coats but slightly sheer at the nail tips, so I used three. A normal person would not even notice.

What's nice about this level of pigmentation is that it allows you to wear these jelly-based shades easily with two coats for a lighter look, or with a third coat to deepen it up. Really a nice feature!

Last for today, the other cool-toned shade containing gold flake, ILNP- Mountain View:

Mountain View is a blackened, green-leaning teal holographic with small gold flake scattered throughout!

Artificial light, three coats:

Formula: The base is also a jelly, like After Midnight. It goes on nicely, and self-levels. The second coats goes on very smoothly- it paints over itself very well!

Also like After Midnight, I was really torn about doing a third coat, because it looks pretty great at two. In the end, I decided to add the third to make sure the nail tips were opaque for macro photos. With each coat, it does continue to deepen, as well.  People with short nails will definitely only need two coats, though.

Comparison time!

All polishes are two coats without top coat on the swatch sticks.

I didn't find any exact dupes, but that's not surprising since I don't have any other holos with flakes. A England- Tristam is a little close in color to Lulu, but Lulu is definitely more on the purple side and more vibrant- and, the quality of the holographic particles is obviously different. Similar story with A England- Saint George and Mountain View. Saint George is greener, and the holo really needs strong, direct lighting to come out and play. Also looks much better top coated!

The same basically goes for Zoya- Dream and After Midnight. Dream is slightly less on the teal side and lacks the gold flake. It's also a bit lighter, although the size of the holo pieces is more similar. (If you love Dream, you will die when you see After Midnight in person!)

Overall, I'm more than pleased with these polishes! I've yet to be disappointed by ILNP, to be honest. Barbra always does such an amazing job! The formulas on all of these were really excellent, and I especially love the two polishes with gold flake: Mountain View and After Midnight! I've worn Lulu on my right hand for a few days, and it only has minor tip wear from playing guitar! (Fingerpicking, so that's inevitable!) Really nice! My favorite from these five is easily Mountain View! This girl just loves teal...!

What do you think?
Which is your favorite here?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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