July 13, 2014

Mail-time: Summer Nail Polish Secret Santa!

I have a really special mail-time to share today!

I know what you're thinking: "...But aren't you on a no-buy?"  YES! (And, so far I've been really good, aside from picking up a $2 OPI (Yodel Me On My Cell) at TJ Maxx- that doesn't count right?))

Anyway, this mail-time is actually a nail polish [Summer] Secret Santa that I participated in through an online forum! I had so much fun shopping for my "Santee"- it was really nice to shop for someone else for a change, very exciting! And, my Santa turned out to be oh-so-awesome, as you will see!

Let's see what happened! 

First of all, and quite unexpectedly, I received a mysterious parcel from Picture Polish! I knew I hadn't ordered any, so it must have been from my Santa! She picked out some fabulous colors, as well as a few straight off of my wishlist!

I can't describe how excited I was, so I had to express my joy in dog-torture:

(Ham was a really good sport.)

Look at these!

I've already shown Bomb Shell here, with some nail art on top. I've used Totes for stamping here (it stamps really nicely!); and, Chillax is in my pastel blue-green comparison here.

I also included Chillax and Lagoon in my 'polishes to wear for Summer' post here (Lagoon was a long-time lemming!).  I do have a swatch of Lagoon coming, as well as some nail art with the three Urban Shades (Totes, Bonkers, and Chillax), so stay tuned!

I love them all so much! I was a really lucky Santee, I think!

Here are quick swatch stick swatches of the Picture Polish shades:

Now at this point, I had no clue who my Santa was- it was very, very mysterious!

But then, this Friday, I actually received another parcel, all the way from Australia (again!):

More dog torture, for continuity's sake!

Ham quickly figured out that there was something edible inside:


It's really exciting already!

There was a nice hand-written note, and the outside was pretty funny:

My "helper" looking pretty chunky (I swear it's just loose skin):


Look that gorgeous Kester Black! It's my first one- called "Parrot."  It has an amazingly creamy, wonderful formula!

I also go two China Glazes: Coconut Kiss and Bermuda Breakaway (one of my faves!) And, some OPI Spiderman minis!  These are my first OPI minis, and they are insanely tiny and cute.  People on instagram thought that the China Glazes were monstrously sized at first, sitting next to the OPIs- haha! (A good thing is that the OPI mini brushes are actually the normal width, so you don't get shafted with a tiny tiny brush.)

Also: VEGEMITE! Hello! I've always been curious about Vegemite, and my Santa was thoughtful enough to find something wonderful and iconic that I could eat on my ridiculous low-carb regimen!(Okay, not ridiculous- awesome!)  Vegemite is way saltier than I imagined, and I LOVE that! I've had it on eggs and on celery so far! Ham also wants it, but I'm not sure if yeast by-products are OK for dogs or not.

Most importantly:

NAIL POLISH BLOOMERS! I'm not sure what else to say about that! They're adorable and awesome!

What do you think?
Have you ever participated in a nail polish exchange or secret santa?


  1. Amazing packages! I can't get over the bloomers. And lucky you, all that AND VEGAMITE! I have never tried it, but I'm okay with that :D

  2. What fun nail mail! Those are some great colors you got, cannot wait to see swatches on them.

  3. What a good baby you have, letting you use him as a display table. I can just imagine the ridiculousness that would unfold if I attempted that with my gatos (even the "mellow" one). Violet Femme and Chillax... oh gosh ♥♥♥♥♥ And then those bloomers! Completely adorable. But most important in my book are those GIGANTIC ChGS!!!!! lolol XD The illusion remains on the blog, what can I say? What fabulous gifts.

  4. What a lovely secret swap! The nail polish bloomers are hilarious! I participate in a regular secret swap, which I love. It's quite a lot of fun to shop for someone else :)

  5. Ham looks so dashing with his scarf! :) also those picture polishes look awesome but by far my favorite part of your package were the bloomers, lol. A lovely secret swap :)

  6. Oh my gosh...look at all those Picture Polishes! I love the shot of Ham with them all lined up, what a cutie :)

  7. I know right?! The Vegemite was pretty good!

  8. Hahaha, I cannot imagine piling things onto a cat! And, LOL I don't know what it is about the minis /CGs, but I see it now TOO! Ahhhhh!

  9. Thanks Caroline, it is! :D

  10. I will tell him so! <3 The bloomers are so fun and unexpected, I agree!

  11. I love that shot too, what can I say?! Thank you!