July 21, 2014

Formula X for Sephora- Danger Zone [Swatch]

Here is Formula X for Sephora- Danger Zone, a polish from the brand's Electrics line! (I've previously swatched Kapow! and Hyped from the same set.)  What can I say? I love these neons filled with pretty shimmers!

Danger Zone is coral pink jelly base filled with glassfleck fuchsia and indigo-blue shimmer.

Artificial light, four coats:

This is super vibrant- perfect for Summer (or a pick-me-up in Winter.) I think it comes off a little more red on camera than in person.  In person, it is slightly more orange-y coral-pink, but I think the color fidelity is not bad at all for a neon like this.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Formula: Since this is a neon, I was expecting the worst, but it's actually quite nice! I didn't experience pulling or dragging, although the polish does dry down super quickly to a matte finish.  The consistency is nice: sort of a medium thickness that goes where you want it. 

The bad news is that it's a little sheer, and I had VNL even after four generous coats. Yet, I didn't really want to venture into five+ coat territory with this one. It might've looked a littler nicer, but I think I like it just fine this way. (Plus it was really late at night, haha!) People with longer nail beds than me might get by with fewer coats, since the nail line won't be as dark.

TLDR: Although it did take four coats, it went on nice and smoothly, dried quickly, so was much less of a pain than it could have been! (And, in fact, this is my favorite formula so far from the Electrics line.)

What do you think?


  1. Wow this is a stunning polish, I love how the shimmer is really prevalent. That's a bummer about how many coats it takes though.

  2. Ooooo! This is lovely, Cait! What a perfect Summer color. I haven't used any of the Sephora polishes yet. I'm obsessed with Zoya, OPI and Sally Hanson. Looks like I might need to give this line a whirl. Happy Monday! :)

  3. I'm loving those flakies and shimmer in this color. So pretty!

  4. I love electric pinks with blue shimmers! So pretty. Also is this one of the pink shades that look coral in some light?
    Too bad it is 4 coats though, polishes these days have such good formulas, that at the Formula X price the necessity of four coats rely puts me off buying it.

  5. Thanks Erin! It is prevalent- that's what I love about it!

  6. Thank you! I love love Zoya too! (And a lot of Sally Hansen!) Formula X seems to be hit or miss (especially for the price point) but they do have some creative colors and glitter mixes!

  7. Yes! It does look coral a lot of the time! <3 Yea, the four coats was a bummer, but at least it went on smoothly. I totally get that putting people off for the price they are asking.