June 13, 2014

Two-tone MoYou Stamping Over Undenied (H) [Nail Art]

Wooo, happy Friday the 13th! (Also, it's a full moon- hope no one's superstitious!)  Here is some floral stamping I did recently!

The base color is I Love Nail Polish- Undenied (H), swatched here.  The stamping colors are Zoya- Rue (nude pink color that appears gray here), and Picture Polish- Totes (mustard yellow).

Both stamp patterns are from MoYou London Artist Collection- 04.

I'm really happy I got these photos, because I promptly went to work and violently broke my middle nail against a fence/gate.  My nails usually don't break, but this was kind of crazy, and if it had been flesh I would have needed stitches probably.  We'll just salute the fallen comrade, and look forward to ultra nubbins for a couple weeks!

I'm really loving stamping over multichromes lately! I think if your base is slightly more interesting (multichrome, gradient, metallic, ect.) the stamping looks more beautiful!