July 2, 2014

L'Oreal Gold Dust- Hidden Gems [Swatch]

Here's the first L'Oreal polish I've ever swatched for Polish Hound, and the first of two I've ever tried from the brand!  In general, I love a lot of the line's colors that I've seen in stores, but the price point (~$6 for .39 oz) doesn't really do it for me.  I did recently get two for a buy one get one half off sale, though!

L'Oreal - Hidden Gems is a polish from the Gold Dust line, which basically denotes sparkly texture finish polishes.

Hidden Gems is a charcoal base filled with deep teal shimmer and silver hexes. The shimmer is a bit shifty, and makes the polish in the bottle look purple around the edges- sort of duochromey.  That effect doesn't happen on the nail, though.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

I do think the textured finish does look better in person than in photos.

Outside, shade:


Finally, I decided to see what this one looked like with a glossy finish:

I was able to smooth it out with one coat of Gelous plus one coat of INM- Out The Door.  I have to say I much prefer Hidden Gems this way! I think the top coat brings out the shimmer and glitter much more!

Formula: It's very nice for a texture! The base is on the thinner side, but still carries the shimmer and glitter nicely.  I didn't have to dab anything in place, and it just kind of applied over the nail normally.  Two coats were opaque!  I also smudged a nail on my non-swatched hand, and kind of mushed the half-dry polish back in place, and it looked perfect- the magic of texture polishes!


  1. I love it with a Glossy finish! :D

  2. Thanks, me too! Such sparkliness!

  3. This texture is gorgeous! I'm really liking the chunkier silver glitter pieces in it too.

  4. Yay, you got one! It looks great glossy! Hidden Gems is one of 3 I don't have yet; might have to rectify that. Too Dimensional? is another that looks way better with top coat...I think the shimmer gets lost in the darker shades.

  5. This polish is gorgeous, I love the deep teal in it. Also, I tried INM Out the Door after hearing you talk about it.....I'm loving it!!!

  6. Beautiful, as always! I really enjoyed this one for the holidays last year. Blackened teals in any finish just slay me <3

  7. I've tried this one but I must admit that I prefer Too Dimensional and Sexy in Sequins, as both those colors looked better on me.
    I didn't even try getting those glossy though... I admit your patience :)

  8. That is really gorgeous. I'm sucker for texture polishes.