July 11, 2014

MoYou Artist- 04 Stamping on Masquerade [Nail Art]

Here is some stamping I did a few weeks back. Pardon the ultra-nubs!

The base is I Love Nail Polish- Masquerade, which you can see here swatched alone. The stamped image is from MoYou London Artist Collection- 04 (one of the most famous full-collage image plates, I think!).

Of course, I also sandwiched some China Glaze- Fairy Dust in between, because as we all know- it's important to Fairy Dust All The Things!

I'm really loving stamping with MoYou plates recently!

What do you think?


  1. MoYou plates are the best! My most favorite to stamp with! I've got another shipment coming my way! What blue did you use to stamp with, it came out great! Really love this look, it's unique!

  2. Yeah I've stamped with that before, I'm finding a lot of Zoyas are great for stamping!

  3. I love that you picked Blu for the stamp! I never would have thought of that.
    Your photos show off the colour shift so wonderfully. This polish is such a dream.
    I really love my MoYou too. And they just keep coming out with more, it's insane! How are we supposed to control ourselves??

  4. Awesome stamping! Really like the nails.

  5. me too! I really have gotten back into stamping and the awesome images and quality from moyou plates really fuel my stamping fire. Lovely combination of colors!