June 8, 2014

Mega [Comparison]: Greeny-Blue Pastels!

It's time for another Mega Comparison- are you excited?! This time, I've rounded up all of my China Glaze- For Audrey-like pastel, greenish blues to compare and contrast!  I have so many polishes in this category (because it's such a pretty color family), that they barely fit on the mirror for the group shot!

The contenders:

Some of these are more in the mint family and some are what I guess you would call aqua or light teal: very green-tinged blues.  Like usual, the vast majority of these are cremes, but there are a few that are not.  I just hope that those with shimmer provide another helpful frame of reference. 

We'll start with the greenest shades, and progress onto the bluest! The swatch sticks are not quite in bottle order (or even in some of the same groupings) because a lot of these look much different on the nail than they do in their liquid form.  Hopefully it's not too confusing. 

Lightest green mints:

Left to right: Essie- Absolutely Shore, Revlon- Jaded, China Glaze- Re-fresh Mint, China Glaze- Keep Calm, Paint On, Rescue Beauty Lounge- Bikini Bottom, OPI- Mermaid's Tears, Zoya- Dillon

Illamasqua- Nomad also made it into this group, since it is so green.

There are no dupes here! China Glaze- Re-fresh Mint is too similar to both Essie- Absolutely Shore and Revlon- Jaded for my liking, but Jaded has less grey than either of them.   

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Bikini Bottom, it should be noted, is a jelly, and is very sheer. OPI- Mermaid's Tears is obviously a lot darker, less pastel, and dustier than the rest, while Illamasqua- Nomad is much more vibrant. China Glaze- Keep Calm, Paint On has subtle silver shimmer.

More pigmented, deeper mints with a hint of blue:

Left to right: Mint- Original Mint, Essie- Turquoise & Caicos, Barielle- Sweet Addiction, Barielle- Do Unto Others, Illamasqua- Nomad

Aqua territory:

Left to right: China Glaze- For Audrey, Essie- Where's My Chauffeur?, Zoya- Wednesday, Misa- Dirty, Sexy, Money, Illamasqua- Venous, Zoya- Zuza

First, take a look at how dissimilar the two Barielle shades turn out to be on the nail compared to in the bottles; Barielle- Sweet Addiction is much greener and dustier than Barielle- Do Unto Others, which is the brightest shade in this grouping.

Essie- Turquoise & Caicos, Mint- Original Mint, and Zoya- Wednesday are the most dupish here, but none are exactly the same as the others.  Is it worth it to own all three? Probably not! Wednesday, in turn, is very similar to Misa- Dirty, Sexy, Money, which is just has a darker color value.

To my eye, Illamasqua- Venous has the most blue in this grouping, and is also a little more pigmented. Of course, Zoya- Zuza is full of shimmer, but solidly fits in this color range. 

The bluest aquas, (still very green-tinged when you hold them up to true blues):

Left to right: Picture Polish- Chillax, Color Club- Blue-Ming, Orly- Gumdrop, Cult Nails- Manipulative, Orly- Pretty-Ugly, Illamasqua- Nudge

First of all, notice that China Glaze- For Audrey and Essie- Where's My Chauffeur are in this group and not with the previous photo with their bottle shots.  That's how much bluer they dry down than their liquid colors!  They are very similar, by the way- not dupes, but similar. For Audrey is slightly green and slightly dustier than Where's My Chauffeur, which is a tad brighter.

Cult Nails- Manipulative is also extremely similar to For Audrey, as you can see. I'm not sure I see a reason to hoard that one now! Orly- Gumdrop is also ridiculously close, but not a dupe. It's the greenest out of this group (looks much bluer in the bottle).  I'm not going to get rid of it though, since it's a mini, and I've used up quite a bit. 

I am totally thrilled to find no dupes for Picture Polish- Chillax! It is, by far, the brightest, least pastel, shade out of the entire Mega Comparison! It's got a similar feel to Color Club- Blue-Ming, which is one of my favorites.

That's it!

What do you think? 

Do you love this color family as much as I do?

Do you have any favorites from these (or any awesome ones I'm missing)?


  1. Oh, this is definitely my favorite range of pastels!! I thought I had many minty blues but I'm more than sure that you've got more than I have :D

  2. Too many I think, but I agree- it's nice to see them together! Thank you Lisa!

  3. They ARE fresh- that's a great way to think about them. Thank you!

  4. Yea, there are no excuses- I have ridiculously too many of these! It's probably time to do some culling! :)

  5. I need Zoya Dillon! seems like such a beautiful shade, and I don't think that I own something similar yet. Oh and I have to pull out my Illamasqua Nomad nail polish again, this is so helpful, thank you x

  6. I definitely love this color palette as well :) My favorites are Zoya Dillon and Zoya Wednesday. I've definitely been on the hunt for OPI Mermaid's Tears though!

  7. Ah, the regret at not picking up Zoya Dillon continues to haunt me....
    You make all these look great, now I need them ALL! So pretty to see them all together, and such a calming range of hues..

  8. Minty blues are my absolute favourite. I hoard them, too, haha. This is such a great post and it's interesting to see how different some of these look on the nail compared to the bottles!

  9. Dillon is awesome! Unfortunately it doesn't look great on me, but I still love it. You're welcome! :D

  10. It seems like Mermaid's Tears got HTF so quickly...maybe it's just me.

  11. It is kinda calming, haha! Thank you!

  12. Yea, it is kinda weird....some of them are bluer in the bottle than on the nail, and some of them are the opposite. Baffling, really. Glad to know I'm not the only one who hoards greeny-blue! :3