December 30, 2012

Bottle Spam: Top 10 Polishes of 2012!

As the year draws to a neat little close, I thought I'd share my top 10 favorite nail polishes released in good old 2012!  I'm excited to do this and I have no idea why!!

These are in no particular order, and some have not been swatched by me (although I've worn all these polishes).  I have linked to other blogs to give credit where credit is due!

    1. First up is the only indie/ non-mainstream shade on my list, Cirque Colors- Tibetan Nights:

      This is a really special combination of dark blue jelly and multi-shaped gitter pieces.  The small bar glitter is so interesting, and the polish is really aptly named.  I could wear this one forever, and I might!

      2. Next, is China Glaze- Make A Spectacle, a really fabulous layering glitter:

      Seen layered over Bizarre Blurple (China Glaze), Make A Spectacle has rainbow-iridescent hexagonal glitter that floats among smaller glitter fragments.  It's seriously pretty, and looks great over every color.

      3. Next is probably the most obvious choice of them all, and one of the most talked-about polishes this year: Max Factor- Fantasy Fire!

      (LOL, ignore the giant dog hair- I guess Ham was determined to be in this post!)

      I recently acquired this one in a lovely swap, and have not had a chance to photograph swatches of it, but I am stoked to experiment layering it over various shades!

      4. Next is Misa- Live Without Knowing, a polish I (stupidly) originally passed on.  Later I came to my senses and snagged this beauty.


      It is so wearable, and yet very interesting while still being office- appropriate!

      (Photo Credit:

      5. Next, I have my favorite blue of the year, Essie- Go Overboard:

      It's just the most lovely faded teal creme.  It goes with everything, and is a pretty unusual blue in my book.  I completely love this one!

      (Photo Credit: Colores de Carol)

      6. Next up is another Essie from the same (Spring 2012) collection! It's Essie- Armed And Ready:

      I love love love greys and grey-taupes, so the bronzey shimmer in this polish is just icing on the cake. 

      (Photo Credit: Spaz & Squee)

      7. Next, is Orly- Prelude to a Kiss:

      Despite the cringe-inducing name, it's a gorgeously flattering peachy-nude creme.  I will be wearing this one a lot as a palette-cleanser or when I don't know what else to wear!

      8. Next up is another neutral-inspired shade, Illamasqua- Faithful:

      I remember that Faithful was my first ever Illamasqua lemming!  I've worn it and loved it, but will have to swatch it for you one of these days! Until then:

      (Photo Credit:  Makeup your Jangsara)

      9. Next is my favorite red of the year, Zoya- Blaze:

      Blaze is an awfully-cool-toned red, and it just looks incredible on pale skin.  The holographic effect in the sun is no joke either!

      10. Lastly, is another holographic polish which caused pandemonium in the nail blogosphere, Butter London- Fishwife:

      Fishwife is a mermaid greeny-blue with a strong holo effect- just awesome!

      And, because, like any good nail-crazed lady I cannot restrain myself to just ten polishes, I present to you two runners up:

      • 1st Runner Up: OPI- The World Is Not Enough, a shiny chameleon of a color:

      This polish is so complex, and looks different in every light, and I think is the most interesting release among the Skyfall polishes!

      I believe this one will look great on every skin tone, and certainly love it on my hands!

      And.....that's it!  It was certainly very tricky narrowing down my favorites, but I think this list really comes close.  I can't wait to see what some of our favorite polish manufacturers come up with in 2013- exciting!

      What were some of your favorite polishes of 2012?  Or maybe your #1 favorite shade?!

      Hambone and I wish everyone a safe and awesome New Year!


      1. Faithful looks amazing and is still on my want list :) FF is just...insane, and I'm stoked to have it in my posession. My #1 favorite polish this year... That would have to be RBL Cuprum.

        1. Ah, Cuprum looks like such a special blue...yum!

      2. this is a great list! I wish I had BL here because the two on your top 10 are some I've been lemming lately :)

        1. Thanks :) BL can be hit or miss, but they do come out with some awesome colors!

      3. I am dying over your Illamasqua collection!!! They're impossible to get here in Oz))) The Glitterati duo is a must-have too

        1. That's too bad they are hard to get over there! I'm pretty sure they're my favorite brand right now...haven't run into a bad one! I want Glitterati so hard, but I'm pretty sure I have a dupe (China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald) for Viridian, so boo.