January 4, 2013

[Press Release] Butter London Spring 2013 Sweetie Shop Collection

Butter London has released a collection of soft pastel cremes for Spring 2013, called the Sweetie Shope Bespoke Collection.

I love the name 'Molly Coddled,' but don't think that purple is particularly unique, and I am oddly intrigued by the neutral shade named 'Cuppa.'

Something to note is that the price per bottle seems to have increased from $14 to $15.  I think they're pushing it a little, now, sadly.  I will probably have to wait until a good sale or promo.

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  1. There are swatches of 3 of the colours on Polish Jinx: http://polishjinx.blogspot.com/2013/01/butter-london-spring-2013-cuppa-fiver.html