August 31, 2012

[Swatch] & [Comparison] Orly- Prelude to a Kiss

Today I have "Prelude to a Kiss" from Orly's Spring 2012 Cool Romance Collection

First thing's first: the name.  The Name!  Bleeergh- Orly, what were you thinking?  I knew I needed this shade in my life , but I had to cringe when I bought it.  It sounds like the title of a terrible Danielle Steel novel.

 (Incidentally, check out Stupid Nail Polish Names for good times.)

But look!

Daylight, Shade:

The color is ultra-flattering.  It's a pale, pinky-peach creme.  I have cool-toned, very pale skin with pink undertones, and Prelude to a Kiss seems like a natural extension of my skin color, but lighter & pinker.  It looks SO clean, and makes me look tanner than I am.  Very soft and pretty, and very work/interview appropriate.

I don't have anything else like it in my collection, but I believe it is an almost-dupe for Essie- A Crewed Interest.

Here it is next to the only other peachy color I have, China Glaze- Sunset Sail:

They look close in the bottle, but....

You can see they are very dissimilar (not to mention the micro-shimmer in Sunset Sail which I failed to capture.)

Polishes in a similar vein that I own are Misa- Blush Hour and famous Essie- Ballet Slippers, neither of which is really anywhere close (and neither could be called a peach):

Formula: I was hoping for a 2-coater, and in real life with careful application, I think you could get away with just two.  I did three for swatching purposes.  The first coat is definitely streaky, but a thicker second coat seems to even everything out. It doesn't self-level as much as I would like, but it's not completely unforgiving either. 

This polish is a great palette-cleanser, and I will definitely be keeping it.


  1. Whoa! ChG and Orly in the bottle look the same, but totally different on the nail. This make buying nail polish so much harder! Thanks for the comparison, it helps us out so much!

    1. Yea bottles can totally be deceiving! I organize by color, and my bottles are in a different order than my swatch sticks for this reason, haha!