December 27, 2012

[Nail Art] Wintery Blue & Silver Glitter

I will be the first to admit that this manicure hardly qualifies as nail art!

It's just Illamasqua- Noble updated; I layered Essie- Set In Stones over it, and then added a layer of Essie- Matte About You on top of that.

But...layering counts as nail art...right?  Right?

Left to Right: Essie- Matte About You, Essie- Set In Stones, Illamasqua- Noble

I love the look of mattified glitters, and this is my favorite nail look in quite a while.  It's so blingy, but has that cool Winter feel at the same time.

Another thing I enjoy is that matte topcoats are also generally quick-dry, so it's easy to change up your nail look and then run out of the house without worrying about dinging it up!


  1. Looks great! I didn't know I'm doing nail art all the time, but in that case I'd say layering totally counts ;-)

  2. Looks like nail art to me:) It's about as arty as I get:) Love it!

  3. It counts when your layering option is AWESOMESAUCE. Like this one is! :D

  4. I'm fond of matte glitters, so i like it so much. :)

  5. so winter-y! and the ring is lovely - its with an ammonite, right? :)