November 4, 2012

Zoya- Ornate Winter 2012 Collection, Part 2 [Swatch]

Here are the other three polishes from Zoya's Winter 2012 Ornate collection:

Left to right: Electra, Aurora, Blaze

First up is Zoya- Blaze, a cool-toned, berry-leaning red shade:

Blaze is unique, because along with Aurora and Storm, is one of Zoya's first holographic polishes!  I know most people love linear holos more, but I personally have an affinity for scattered holos, so these shades are right up my alley, and I knew Blaze would be an instant favorite.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window- filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Outside, sun:

Ah! It's gorgeous!  This is my favorite tone of red, and the holo goodness is just icing on the cake.

Formula: This had my favorite formula of the collection, covering in two easy coats, and self-leveling perfectly.


Next is Zoya- Aurora, a medium-toned-to-warmer purple with scattered holographic particles:

Artificial light, three coats:

Outside, shade:

And, here's this beauty in the sun!

Compared to Blaze, Aurora has seemingly- chunkier holo particles that are much more prominent, giving an overall stronger holographic rainbow effect.  It's also lovely, and I had a blast wearing this one.

Up close:

Formula: Aurora required three coats for opacity, which was slightly disappointing.  Otherwise, nice formula- easy to work with.

Next up is the oddball-out of the collection, Zoya- Electra:

Electra is a clear base with very dense bar glitter- some of which is holographic.  The holographic bars are slightly larger than the plain silver bars.

Artificial light, one dabbed-on coat shown over Zoya- Storm:

You can see the ratio of holographic bar glitter to smaller silver bar glitter is something like 1:3.  I wish there was more of the holo bar glitter- the rest just seems like filler.

If you wanted to use Electra by itself and not as a layering polish, I think you could reach opacity in three coats, so I suppose the small bars do have a purpose.  As it stands, I think it has an awkward density for layering.  One coat seems like a little too much glitter, obscuring your base color.  Maybe it was just designed to wear on its own.

Up close:

(The tiny square glitter is part of Storm's finish; Electra contains solely bar glitter.)

Formula: Pretty normal other than the awkward density issue.

I also happen to have a drugstore polish similar to Electra, so here's a quick comparison:

Zoya- Electra, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- 35 In The Spotlight

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- In The Spotlight contains only holographic bar glitter, but it is a little chunkier than what's in Electra.  I think its base is yellowed due to age, but I'm not entirely sure- it comes up mostly clear in the swatch.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- In The Spotlight, Zoya- Electra

I sort of wish Electra were like In The Spotlight and had only holographic glitters- but maybe not quite that big.


Overall, I think this collection is one of Zoya's best in a long time- it has something for everyone, and is cohesive as a whole.  The finishes of the polishes make them special; aside from Electra, they all have little surprises, like the darker particles in Ziv, or the almost- duochromey-ness of Logan.  They are also all, oddly, perfect for the Holidays, even though they aren't traditional greens and reds. And- I can't complain about a collection that has scattered holos!


  1. Wow, I think Blaze is my favorite!!! Sometimes bar glitter can look hairy. I like it mixed with hex glitters. Awesome swatches!

    1. Haha, I think bar glitter usually looks hairy too!

  2. Awhhh, that silver glittered polish is so beautiful, but all of them are amazing! :D I love these! *-*