August 26, 2012

[Swatch] & [Comparison] Butter London- Trout Pout

Today I have on Butter London's "Trout Pout,"  a color I'd had my eye on for a while before finally capitulating.

It's a melony bright-pink coral, almost neon. It seems to look darker and pinker on nail than in the bottle.   The color is somewhat of a shape-shifter, looking in some lights much more coral/melon; in others it looks like a very bright coral-pink.

Artificial Light:

Natural, window-filtered light:

It reminds me of Essie- Haute As Hello's much pinker cousin.  The next closest I have to compare is also an Essie: Cute As a Button, which is much less neon than either of the other two (artificial light):

Formula: I'm not one to complain about thick formulas (I love them), but Trout Pout was a little difficult to work with- overly thick, too fast-drying, tending to drag and leave patches even by the second coat.  If you can't work very rapidly and complete each coat in 3 strokes, you're going to have problems. It's also not the most self-leveling polish in the world. If not for the patchy drag issues, it could have been a one-coater.

Bottom Line: I think the hassle is worth it for the color.

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