December 12, 2012

My Collection: Storage & Organization!

click image for big!

This is a bit of a low-content post, but I wanted to share a photo of my collection as it currently stands, while it is in its organized state, and no polishes are waiting to be color- arranged!

Those four racks hold basically all of my polishes, except for 10 Orly minis, and some Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears which live in a drawer with my top and base coats, treatments, and nail art supplies. Don't ask me how many there are- I prefer not to know! (But my best guess is just short of ~400.)

As you can see, I'm running out of room! Since I like to keep the stash organized by color, a few of my rows are pretty much packed.  I even have most of the Rescue Beauty Lounges turned sideways, and some of the Butter Londons, which in some places don't fit in the rack turned sideways  (odd and annoying).

Although I love having the polishes openly displayed, there comes a point when another wall rack is a bit too much! I know people are fans of Helmers, but I think in the future I might go with one of the Michael's three-drawer containers- AKA, the "Melmer."  I think a Helmer would give me too much room to expand, plus I don't really like the metal.

How do you store and organize your polishes and supplies?

Happy 12.12.12, by the way!


  1. I have a Melmer, and it's pretty nice, but my 270+ collection is busting out of it! Thankfully, I just won a polish rack in a raffle, so I'll be able to show off seasonal colors while Melmering the off-season ones. Your display is gorgeous!

    1. That's such a good idea to display the seasonal colors!