August 18, 2016

Femme Fatale Blue-Within-Blue Eyes [Swatch]

Hey everyone, how are you? Today you'll be seeing a swatch from the vault since the, uh, regularly scheduled programming is not quite ready. *ahem*

Here is: Femme Fatale- Blue-Within-Blue-Eyes:

This is, of course, part of the Dune collection, which released last Winter. I'm not entirely sure if this polish will be restocked anywhere now at this point, but I've had this swatch sitting around, so I thought I might as well show it, since it's so beautiful! I hope you don't mind!

This is a thermal shade with color-shifting green-to-aqua flakies; when cool the base color is a deeper periwinkle-ish, purple-leaning blue color, and when warm it's a lighter, almost sky blue. There is also dense pink shimmer running all through this bad boy. So pretty!

Here it is in transition from warmer to cooler (two coats):

How lovely is that?! As a Dune fanatic, I had to have this shade and the entire Femme Fatale Dune collection, but as a polish-lover in general, this is so pretty it has a permanent home in my collection. Thermals eventually do lose their thermal shift, and supposedly settle into the cool-state color. I won't mind if/ when that happens!

Up close, cool (top) VS warm states:

When I wore this polish, it mostly stayed in the mid-transition state you see directly above, with the nail tips presenting the cool-state color, while the nail beds were warmer. That, to me, is just a bonus. But, I'd say, in general, this is a very sensitive thermal, and it changes readily.

Formula: Is nice! It's easy to smooth over the nail, and opaque in two coats! I think in the warmest state, there may be some visible nail line at two coats, but it's pretty obscured by all the flakie goodness going on, so YMMV. Lovely texture, though. 

What do you think?
Do you have this shade?
Has it become a lemming?

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