November 3, 2013

Empty Empty Empty: September & October

If you can believe it, another two months have disappeared! Here is my garbage I have been saving just to show you.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
This is a body butter, but I actually just used it as hand know, like you do.  I really liked it, although it felt like I went through the huge 10oz tub very quickly.  Like three weeks quickly. The smell is great!  It's citrus-y but also slightly floral, and not offensive to me at all. It's definitely a cream, and not a lotion, but the texture isn't the thickest ever for a cream.  Also, I don't know about you, but all of Soap & Glory's packaging instantly pulls me in. So cute!

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
This gave me really great volume, and was okay at refreshing not-clean hair, but I did have problems with white cast.  People with blonde or very light brown hair might fare better.

Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen SPF110
I liked this at first, and then I hated it.  I realized it never completely sunk into my skin, and would leave me looking greasy.  I'd have to use a lot of powder to combat that.  The formula is very thick and doesn't spread easily.  It didn't break me out or anything though.  The 3oz size is very generous, and this tube lasted me a good 6-8, painstaking months.  Also, I read that anything above broad-spectrum 35 SPF is pointless, or that there are diminishing returns for >35SPF protection, and that a super high SPF like this one is basically just marketing.  I'm not sure about that though?

John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Conditioner
So this smells A.Mazing. To me anyway.  This is a small deluxe sample that I got in an Ipsy bag.  I don't normally use conditioner with silicones, but I hate wasting stuff.  The texture was pretty thick and creamy, and I felt it did an excellent job detangling.

Victoria Secret Pear Glace Hydrating Body Lotion
I got this with a set of four other scented lotions as a gift many years ago.  Just getting around to using it!  It's just mediocre.  Something nice to have in your bag for dry hand emergencies, but nothing I'd ever seek out.  The scent...does indeed smell pear-like, but also has a sickly sweet chemical tinge.

Everyday Minerals Matte Base in Sunkissed Fair
I've already talked about the semi-matte version of this base, but I prefer this one these days.  It makes the skin look very even without covering too much up, somehow.  And, I think it wears pretty well, although I do also use mattifying or setting powder.  This sunkissed fair shade is just perfect for rosy, pale, pink-undertoned persons like me.  I hope they never stop making it!

Physician's Formula Multi-colored Corrector Powder in Green
This is the second compact of this pressed correcting powder I've used up!  I like it a lot for just neutralizing general areas of the face like red cheeks. Sometimes, this is all I'll wear.  I think I get better color-correcting from this powder than I do from any green-tinted primers I have tried.  My skin is less red these days, so I might not repurchase this, but I do like it. You can see it does come with a crappy brush in there that I've never touched.

bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Fairly Light
I got this from Sephora for free with a coupon code.  It also came with a tiny, tiny mini-kabuki and some under-eye brightener which I really like.  This foundation is nice!  It matched me pretty well, and went on very smoothly. No problems.  I probably won't buy bareMinerals, because at that price point, I fear the photography flash-back phenomenon with these types of mineralized powders (although the same thing applies to my [cheaper, but beloved] Everyday Minerals base).

Neutrogena Visibly Even Night Concentrate
I feel bad showing this, because I'm pretty certain it's been discontinued for a long time.  I've had this tube forever, and sort of used it on and off throughout the years.  I just have some dark spots I am trying to fade, and this was one of my weapons! I can't say if it worked or not.  I may not have used it consistently enough.  It does have Retinol, though, which is proven to help with dark spots.  This did smell like chemical hell though- I can't even describe it!

Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in Iron
I also received this in an Ipsy bag.  I liked it for about two weeks, and then it dried up on me! I mean super, super dried up! The color was very nice- sort of a steely grey, flattering on blue eyes.  It went on easily with an angle brush, but didn't wear as well as some other gel liners I have tried. The brush it comes with is rather nice, once you get used to it, and very convenient that it's contained with the gel eyeliner.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in 01 Blackest Black
Here began my excursion into liquid eyeliner again! I had given up on it as a teenager, but I think I have finally mastered it.  This Milani one was quite good for a couple of weeks, but it doesn't last forever and also dried up.  I had problems getting product to the very end of the lengthy felt tip, and would have to press just a little too hard on my lid to get it to work. (That didn't happen the first two weeks though.)  You don't want to have to press/drag hard on your lid because then you don't get a clean line!  The color is very black and opaque though, and you don't need to go over the same line twice.

Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon
I liked this!  It does taste kind of foody, like olive oil actually.  It's not very waxy at all, so it doesn't stick around, which is my one complaint.  The product is green, yes, but it goes on colorlessly, like a plain balm. Feels nourishing.


Em Cosmetics Career Life Palette Sample
This is created by Michelle Phan, and the actual palette has amazing packaging, although it retails for $75, so wooooo, I will not be buying that!  The sample I received was from look 3 "out to lunch," and contained a very wearable coral blush and three neutral eyeshadow shades.  I liked the color of the blush a lot, although it wasn't extremely pigmented.  The shadows did seem pigmented, except for the darkest brown shimmery one, which was sheerer. They seem creamy for being pressed shadows, and I did like the olive color quite a bit.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder Foundation in Pink Beige
Just a sample card I got from Sephora. I only used the pink beige shade, as the other will be too dark/ orange for me.  This was good, I guess.  The sample was so small that I had a hard time assessing it.

L'Oreal EverCreme Sulfate-Free Nourishing Shampoo
I do not love this, but it might work better for others.  I just feel like it doesn't clean very well, and also leaves my hair feeling pretty tangly. Smells nice, though.

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
A very small sample sachet, but from my limited experience with it (barely one use), I liked it.  It goes on like a cream but as you spread it in it sets to sort of a powdery feeling. Pretty weightless.  It's hard to say if it works better throughout the day compared to other primers, since I only got to use it once.


I also finished another full size VO5 Extra Body Conditioner and full size Gold Bond Ultimate Softening with Shea Butter, but I didn't include pictures because I've already talked about them in past Empties posts, here and here, respectively!

The End!


  1. I love empty posts, I learn so much about new cosmetic products that I have never seen before :) And it's really nice to hear about something being so good it was bought more than once. I have that with my Inglot foundation, wouldn't change that either :)

  2. The green pressed powder sounds AMAZING. I will definitely try and find it on Ebay or something since Physician's Formula isn't sold here. Also, I have loved the scent of every single John Frieda product I've tried too!

    1. It's great to wear under normal foundation or just alone! I like it because it neutralizes redness enough for me to actually wear blush in the appropriate places, lol!