June 11, 2014

Firmoo Prescription Glasses in #F028 [Review]

I'm going to veer away from nail polish again for a moment!  Firmoo.com (Global Online Optical Store) was kind enough to send me a pair of single vision prescription eyeglasses to evaluate.  

Backstory: I've decided to get PRK laser vision correction in the nearish? future, so my glasses-wearing days are numbered. But, in the meantime, I've decided to experiment with a bunch of different frame styles while I can! Because I'm kind of "into" glasses at the moment, and it's interesting how frames can change your whole look, I really did want to share these glasses on Polish Hound.

The frames I chose are #F028 which are unisex full frame acetate (plastic) glasses. I'm really digging the kind of half-fade look at the moment, so that's partially why I chose these:

(photo credit: Firmoo.com)

Other parameters I used to shop were basically my eyeglass measurements- just to make sure the frames would fit. You don't want them to be too wide or narrow compared to the size of your head/face; have temples (arms) that are too short or long; or have a bridge that is too wide or narrow.  Any one of these things can make the frames look awkward or be uncomfortable to wear. Luckily, Firmoo has a diagram for each pair of frames which easily displays the sizing. If you know approximately what size you are in all of the dimensions, you can have some assurance that the frames will fit!

Another helpful thing about the website is that you can browse by overall shape, material, or frame-style.  That's useful to me because I know glasses which are more rounded tend not to look great on me, so I can eliminate those right off the bat.

There is also a feature on the site to help you virtually "try-on" frames.  You upload a front-facing head shot, and it'll superimpose an image of the frames onto your face.  (I personally didn't use this tool, because those never seem to work for me, so your mileage may vary. )

Let's take a look at the glasses I received!

The came in a sturdy glasses case with a globe print on it- cool!

There was also a little carry/ protective bag which has an eyeglass tool Inside.  That's a particularly nice touch, because for a good fit, all frames usually need small adjustments (although I recommend professional assistance for this- Lenscrafters does it for free!)

Inside the case:

The frames were carefully nested within a lens cloth.  I've tried to replicate how they first appeared, but I did wear them a few times before this review, so this may not be exactly how they were wrapped.  At any rate, it was a nice presentation!

A few words about the lens cloth:  I don't know what it is but there is something about this cloth that is amazing for removing smudges.  I'm hypersensitive to smudges and marks on my lenses (come on, it's soooo annoying!!), so it's really nice to have a cloth that works easily.  It's very soft..almost has a suede feel, yet grips the lenses in a way that really cleans them.  I don't know how to describe the texture in words, but I have many photography lens cloths and regular optical lens cloths, and this one is really, really nice.

A closer look at the glasses:

The frames are very accurate to the product photo on the website, which I was super pleased about.

The quality of the acetate seems very good. They are sturdy, and the hinging feels firm.  My prescription is accurate (hooray!), and the quality of the lenses seems very, very good for the price (~$39 USD).

These do pick up slightly more glare than other glasses I own, but that's usually just in high-contrast situations, and actually doesn't bother me after the first hour or two of wear.  There is also a little distortion at the very edges of the lenses when you move your head, but most glasses that I have do this too, and it's also something that you don't notice after an adjustment period.

Wearing the frames!

Now, these probably aren't the most flattering frames I've ever worn, and they're certainly a bit of a statement, but I really like them!

Next, I made an attempt to style them for you, but I really have no idea:

They're probably the widest (top-to-bottom) frame I can get away with wearing since glasses aren't supposed to touch your cheeks at rest or when smiling.  These don't, but the clearance is close:

The rest of the fit is great too!  Out of the box they are level, the correct width for my face, and the temples are perfect. Part of that is because I knew my sizing beforehand of course.  I usually get all of my glasses adjusted at Lenscrafters since I find it irritating to wear ill-fitting ones, but I don't even think these will really require adjustment, honestly.

So, overall, I'd definitely recommend Firmoo if you're in the market for affordable frames! The ordering process was very easy- you just have to know your prescription, including pupillary distance.  You can then select add-ons such as the amount of lens indexing if your prescription if really heavy-duty.  (They have prescription sunglasses too!)

The customer service I experienced was prompt and helpful, and the glasses got to me much faster than I expected.

At the end of the day, I'm super happy to have these frames in my rotation!

Disclosure: Product in this post was provided free for honest review. All opinions are my own!


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