June 24, 2014

Mail-time: Indigo Bananas Summer Rains Polishes!

Ham and I received some super awesome mail yesterday afternoon!

Whachu got, Hambone?

It's a small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box...hmmm...


Indigo Bananas goodies!

A really interesting mix of candy came in this order!

Everything all together:

I picked out four polishes from the newly-released Summer Rains collection, as well as Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days, which was a lemming that just sort of snuck up on me.

Of course, I also got two of Indigo Bananas' amazing cuticle balms in new scents: Chai Tea and Coconut Banana (!!).  I was totally out of cuticle balm, so I really needed these. I've already begun using the Chai Tea one, and it's pretty amazing.


left to right: Reign, Hole in the Sky, Acid Ocean, Rainbow in the Dark, Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days

Mmmm, flakies:

And, just the four Summer Rains polishes:

I believe I'm most excited for Hole in the Sky, but I am wearing Reign today, and it is glorious. So perfect.

I will be swatching (it'll probably happen tomorrow) the four polishes from the new Summer Rains collection, and they'll be presented together in one post, so it could be a hot minute until they make it on the blog.

What do you think?


  1. Nice nail mail! So much goodies to play with now :)

  2. Ooh they all look gorgeous!

  3. You take some awesome bottle shots!!! Man I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new Indigo Bananas polishes, my no buy ends July 1!!! One more week! I am four weeks strong as of yesterday!

  4. Love the jaunty neck wear, Ham! I happened to see these on Indigo Banana's site the other day, looking forward to seeing them swatched!! I mean, Hole in the Sky...c'mon! Purrrrrple.....

  5. Aw, thanks! Your no-buy is almost over!! I actually purchased these a few days before mine began, and it won't be over until the end of August! *le sigh*

  6. Thanks Erin! They are fun to do! Yes, the chai...it's amazing. I've loved every IB balm I've tried....

  7. Haha, just trying to make him looks spiffy! :D Yes, Hole in the Sky- it's like the perfect color for me..plus flakies and holo, mmmm!