June 10, 2014

I Love Nail Polish- Undenied (H) [Swatch]

Here is I Love Nail Polish- Undenied (H) from the recent Spring 2014 release!

Undenied (H) is the holo version of the original Undenied, part of the Ultra Chromes collection/ (category?).  A multichrome with holographic pigments? Yes please!  For another along the same lines from I Love Nail Polish, you can check out Nostalgia (H), which I have swatched here.

As far as the shift goes, it's basically a purple/ dark plum/ fuchsia to burnt orange/ red.

Artificial light, two coats:

Outer space nails!!

Outside, shade:

This one is so much more gorgeous in person!  And, it's also a lot darker and moodier than I was expecting!


Formula:  It's along the same lines as Nostalgia (H).  That is, pigmented with a medium viscosity that is opaque in two coats!  I really liked how this one applied.

What say you?


  1. Your photography is just amazing! Really making me lem this polish!

  2. This is just stunning! Look at all the sparkles to it. I love all the angles you take pictures of your nails too, really showcases the color your swatching.

  3. Wow- thank you! And I still feel like I didn't do it justice, so yep, you need it!! :p

  4. I agree- so sparkly! Thanks! :D These always look better in person/ in motion, so I try to show as many different perspectives as possible.