May 11, 2016

Mail-time: Shop Wrenn Polish & Jewelry!

Hey nail friends! How are you?

Today I've got a really fun mail-time to share featuring Shop Wrenn! Wrenn Jewelry originally opened in 2010, and recently expanded with the launch of Wrenn Polish in January this year! Currently, Wrenn Polish is a line of 10 shimmery polishes all inspired by their druzy jewelry. The polishes are also 5-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Shall we take a look? Here's Ham-the-food-creeper:

...and, that paw punch was brutal! The polishes never saw it coming! (Don't worry, everything is just fine!)

Okay, calm down, bud:

I don't know- do you think he wants some snacks? It's really hard to tell.

So, Alissa of Shop Wrenn was kind enough to send me polishes as well as a druzy ring from Wrenn Jewelry, so we'll be taking a look at both!

First, the polishes!

L to R: Green with Wrennvy, A Pirate's Life, Passionfruit Pink; Bottom: Wrenn Top Coat

I selected these shades myself, and I'm super pleased with them in person! I also received Wrenn Top Coat which I'll be discussing in the upcoming swatch post. (Also, how lovely is the logo?!)

Up close!

Passionfruit Pink:

A Pirate's Life:

Green with Wrennvy:

^How cute is the name there?! I'm kind of a sucker for delicate shimmer shades, so these are definitely high in intrigue factor for me!

Now, let's take a gander at the druzy ring from Wrenn Jewelry!  It came safely stowed away in some adorable packaging:

This particular piece is the Addison Ring in Rainbow Druzy (sterling silver).

Of course, I had to show it off alongside some of the pretty nail polish:


And, okay, this ring is so pretty and sparkly and rainbow, I got a little too artsy. Forgive me!

I also didn't realize how beat-up my chunk of amethyst was until seeing the macros!

Addison Ring in Rainbow Druzy

Isn't this ring just lovely, though? It's...every color, which means you can easily wear it with anything!

I actually really love the scale of the stone in relation to the band quite a bit, and I'll be showing off how this ring looks worn alongside some Wrenn Polish in the swatch post!

Stay tuned!

*Disclosure: polishes & products in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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