December 31, 2014

Favorite [Nail Art] of 2014!

Howdy everyone! How is your New Year's Eve day progressing? I don't normally post a round-up of favorite nail art I've done at the end of the year, but I thought I'd try it for a change!

Now, Polish Hound is not, primarily, a nail art-focused blog, but I do like to dabble. I tried to push myself to do nail art more frequently this year, and while I think I succeeded (in comparison to previous years), I still only managed one or two posts per month (which is great for me, to be honest). I also made a point to try new techniques I'd never attempted before.

This list is in no particular order, but here are my favorites! You can click the photos to go to the originating post for more info/ polishes used.

Pastel Purple Easter Taping Skittlette

St. Patrick's Day Tri-tone Taping Manicure

Wintery Ombre Snow Leopard Nails

V-shaped Glitter Moons with Indigo Bananas- We Are The Music Makers

Black and White Floral on a Neutral Gradient

Colorful Floral Dotticure with Stamping [Guest Post for Newsie Nail Novice

Two-tone MoYou Stamping over ILNP- Undenied (H)

The Galaxy Is My Valentine Negative Space Manicure

Two-tone MoYou Stamping on Color Club- Pure Energy

Zoya- Happi with Halloween Stamping & Studs [Nailstalgia]

Holiday Paper Gradient Stamping

Matte Negative Space Skittle with Zoya Matte Velvet Polishes

Phew! End of tour! And now I feel totally overwhelmed by the inconsistency in my nail shape! Ah, well! (There was really a time there when they were looking like square Chiclets. Ew.)

I think 2014 was definitely my best nail art year so far. I'm admittedly not prolific in the nail art department, but I did try a few things I never had before- like negative space designs and floral dotticures. I'm hoping to experiment with more taping manicures and color blocking next year. And....I might try to tame the beast that is water marbling. I might. I've tried it once in the past, but it was even prior to my blogging about nail polish. I remember it being time-consuming but also pretty mind-blowing!

What is your favorite nail art technique?
Do you plan on attempting any new ones next year?


  1. I love all of these but I really have to try the V-shaped nail art soon. Been seeing a lot of that and am just in love with it!!! Very pretty nail art, and yes, I too may tackle the water marble at some point. Eeeekk.

  2. Eeeek!

    V-shapes are one of my favorites! They are sooooo easy, I need to make a point to do more!

  3. Thanks Lisa! It was fun making the collage to see them all together! :)

  4. Those v-shaped glitter moons are perfection. I keep looking at them on my pinterest nailspiration board but I'm too afraid of lining up the tape properly. I will just keep drooling over yours!

  5. :D I guess that's really only the tricky bit, but your base polish should be dry enough to let you reposition the tape if you need to. I have also seen people cut triangles to mask out the v shape, but that seems overly complicated!

  6. I think the St. Patrick's Day manicure is my favorite, it looks so cool!

  7. Honestly, the Galaxy negative space mani you did might've been my favourite mani this year ALTOGETHER - I just LOVE IT. It was my screen wallpaper for a while. I really loved what you did there.

  8. Thank you! I particularly liked that one!

  9. WOW! Haha, thank you! I liked that one a lot, but the bubbles were super disappointing for me, picture-wise. I'll have to try more galaxy-type stuff.

  10. I love your nailart posts, your combinations of colors and finishes are always so creative! I hope we'll get to see more of your artistic side this year. The Valentine Galaxy mani is my favorite <3

  11. Aw...thank you! I will certainly try!