October 31, 2014

Nailstalgia: Zoya- Happi [Swatch] [Nail Art]

Hi guys! Welcome to this month's Nailstalgia post, where we take a look at an older, but well-known commercial polish shade! This Friday just happened to fall on Halloween (yay!), so I spiced up the swatch with some nail art! Hopefully you can still get an idea of the color.

This month, let's feast our eyes on Zoya- Happi:

Happi is originally from the Spring 2010 Reverie collection, and is a cotton candy pink base with strong, present gold microshimmer. Because of the warm-toned shimmer, the entire polish reads as a very warm pink.

Artificial light, four coats:

A nice thing about this polish is that the shimmer is always apparent, so it's very pretty and interesting in all types of lighting!

Window-filtered daylight:

The fish bone stamp on the ring finger is from MoYou London Pro XL-05 (I stamped with Kleancolor- Metallic Black), and the spooky trees pattern on the thumb is from Bundle Monster BM-407 from the Create Your Own set.  Neither of those stamps are specifically Halloween-y, but I thought they were sort of creepy together?

The chevron v-shape on the middle nail has one coat of Illamasqua- Swarm.

Outside, shade:

Formula:  A little strange, but workable. It's got a thicker consistency, but is pretty sheer. The texture is a bit syrupy and spreads over the nail easily. People with long nails beds or short nails all together might be able to get away with three coats, but I still had pretty obvious nail line. Four coats, but the good news is that the layers dry down quickly.  Even so, I'd recommend this polish more for layering. It'd look lovely over a creme pink!


Will any of you be wearing pink for Halloween?
Any fun 'ween plans?


  1. Really nice pink and I love the black stamping you did on top. It gives the manicure such a more edgier feel.

  2. Wow I can't believe it took you four coats, I wonder if they could have reformulated it?

  3. I KNOW! I am definitely baffled by this discrepancy. Eeek! It's totally possible about the reformulation I guess. I bought this one in May during the Earth Day promo.

  4. Thanks! I am pretty happy about the black too. :)

  5. The fish bone stamp looks awesome over the pink : D

  6. Loved the fishbone stamp and the black glitter! I had Happi in my collection for a few years, but I ended up purging it to a friend, this being the first time I regret that decision lol. I think I favored ChG Strawberry Fields instead of it (I know they're super different, they seemed closer back then lol)

  7. Oh man, I have been lemming Strawberry Fields recently- it's really funny you mention it!