January 2, 2015

Empty Empty Empty: October, November, & December

Hey everyone! Happy 2015! 

You may or may not have noticed that I dropped the ball a little on the empties posts around here! Truth be told, it's been a little hectic, and I haven't had a chance to photograph all of the products and write reviews. In the meantime, empty items have continued to pile up, so I've got quite a lot to get through in this post: three months' worth (as opposed to the normal two)!

I suppose I'll start with skincare stuff!

St. Ives Naturally Soothing Oatmeal & She Butter Body Lotion
I used this after showers as a body lotion, and it's great to soothe dry and irritated skin in the Winter! Very calming. The texture is more creamy than liquidy. I love the scent, too, although I'm having a hard time describing what it actually smells like. Maybe slightly floral...not too sweet- kind of foody, actually- but not like oatmeal, exactly.

I'm thinking of repurchasing, but it's about 10-12$ for 21oz, which seems slightly spendy for body lotion.

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in 'Coconut Lime'
I've spoken about this product before in a Current Beauty Favorites post. I've also previously reviewed the matching sugar scrub that came in the set, here.  I still like it as a hand or body butter! It smells amaaaaazing, and is full of nourishing ingredients.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser
This isn't actually finished. I typically stay far away from facial cleansers since they are usually too harsh for my sensitive skin, but I thought I'd at least give this one a go, so I could review it.

Long story short, it really inflamed my skin after one use. I used it in the shower, very gently, and my face was really red afterward. Funny, because on the back it actually promises "cleanses skin without drying, irritating, or causing redness." That definitely was not true for me, and I don't have any ideas about the offending ingredient, because this deluxe sample, which came in an Ipsy bag I think, doesn't list the ingredients on the label- which is a disappointment in itself. It also smells medicinal in an almost gag-inducingly bad way. So yes, I hated this.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense
I've proclaimed my love for this moisturizer before, as well.  This was the full size, and it took me quite a few months to use up!  I love it, but don't think it's quite enough overnight moisture for me in the Winter months, crazily enough. In Winter, I really need to be layering a moisturizer + an oil like almond or jojoba. When I layered an oil with the Moisture Surge Intense, it was a little too much moisture. Now, I'm not saying I don't love this product anymore- it's still my favorite in the Summer & Spring!

Haircare is next!

Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner
This is a very nice moisturizing conditioner actually, but I normally just use it for leg-shaving purposes, since I almost always avoid silicones, which this has.  Smells kind of fruity.

TRESemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner with coconut oil and jojoba extract
This is the product that I'm currently using to co-wash, and I've previously spoken about it in my last empties post. Still really enjoy it, and am working on my third bottle at the moment!

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
This sits at a much nicer pricepoint (~8 USD on Amazon) than the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray, which I also like. I also love the texture it gives my hair just as much as the Healthy Sexy Hair! There are a couple different ways/ purposes to use salt sprays, but I use it on damp hair to set my waves on days when I don't blow dry or straighten my hair...which is most days. It's very touchable, not stiff or too salty, and does help to bind waves together. I think if you were to brush it out, it would provide nice volume, but that's not generally what I'm going for.

The boyfriend loves the way this one smells too! I've already started using my backup of this salt spray!

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask
This is a product that also arrived in an Ipsy bag. It does contain silicones, so I only used it on the ends of my hair following the clarifying shampoo that I do about once a month. It's fine, I guess. I don't think there is anything remarkable about it. I was a little disappointed in the amount of slip my hair had after it was all rinsed out. It seemed more prone to tangles than it should have been after using a silicone-containing product. That leads me to believe that people with thicker or coarser/ curlier hair texture than mine (probably most people) will not like this. A little disappointing, although it does smell nice.

Next, onto nail and hand care!

Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera with Lavender Hand and Body Lotion
Wow, are you tired of hearing about this one yet?! It's still my favorite lotion/cream (not balm) to use sporadically throughout the day!

Figs & Rouge Rose Berry Nourishing and Soothing Hand Cream
Honestly not too impressed with this. The packaging (save the annoying screw-off cap) is amazing, but that's really the only positive comment I can make. It felt like one of those hand lotions that have alcohol that evaporates off the skin, making you think it's super fast absorbing. But it's not, really, because there's just not that much to it. It's super thin, doesn't really help to moisturize, and doesn't last long enough to even protect the skin from future moisture loss. It smells OK, but don't spend money on this pretty packaging. (This tiny 20ml tube retails for $6.37, and the full size (80ml) is ~$13)

Indigo Bananas Cuticle Balm in 'Chai Tea'
Indigo Bananas cuticle balm is a product I mention a lot simply because it's a really great balm! The texture of this balm is wonderful, exactly like every other I've tried, but I grew to dislike the scent a bit. It was just a little too overpoweringly sweet for me! However, I do think people who enjoy sweet scents will love this one. It does smell exactly like chai tea to me!

Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover
This is fine for removing most non-glittery polishes. It does contain acetone (in fact, the first ingredient).  As for the strengthening properties, I really think that's a false marketing claim. I saw no difference, and wouldn't really expect to, to be honest.

Last: makeup empties!

Everyday Minerals Color Corrector in 'Mint'
I've recently spoken about this in a Current Beauty Favorites post. It did end up lasting a few months, so I'm planning on re-ordering it! I don't need or use it every day, but it really does help cut down redness, as a first step, when you need that.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Caramel'
Until the company sneakily came out with the new shade 'Auburn,' this is what I was using to initially line my brows. The shade is sort of strawberry blond, and is definitely a little light for someone with deep red, burgundy-ish hair. But, it was my only option at the time. I still like Brow Wiz in general, but sometimes I think the formula is sliiightly too waxy, and the point is still not as fine as I'd like. Maybe I'm asking too much, though. Still a nice product!

Jersey Shore Sun MONGONGO Anti-aging Lip Conditioner
I cannot fully express my love for this lip balm. I had never heard of this brand until I received this in an Ipsy bag, but it's an awesome balm that seemingly came out of the woodwork! It's very rich, not waxy, and smells fantastic- citrusy (and in fact there are orange and lime essential oils in it).  A little goes a long way, but if you're trying to heal lips, you do have to reapply frequently since this is oil-based.  I will definitely repurchase ($5.50 on the website) this lip balm! (I like it as much as the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm!)

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in 'Black Brown'
I've already done a very detailed review on this mascara here.  One extra thing I can say is that this does become harder to apply clump-free as it dries out.  Normally, mascaras improve as they dry out, but I think this one starts out so dry that it doesn't. I still love it though, and will repurchase!

Blinc Mascara in 'Black'
This is not technically depleted- it's just waaaay too ancient to keep around any longer. I used to love this because tubing mascaras are easy to remove, and are also great for sensitive eyes. However, now that I've been experimenting with more and more mascaras, this just doesn't do my eyelashes justice. It's not lengthening enough, but it's especially not volumizing enough! And if you know anything about most tubing formulas, they don't layer super well on themselves, so you can't really fix the volume problem by building it up layers.

So, I suppose this mascara is okay if you're looking for something super natural looking that is no-fuss. I won't repurchase it though.

Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara
This doesn't have a color descriptor, but it's a pretty dark, black formula.

It's, in a word, awful. First, it stinks to high heaven. Ugh. It's also super sticky....gummy, even. The spiral brush is nothing special, but I couldn't even get a passable application with the awful formula. It literally wouldn't spread from the roots to the tips of my lashes without skipping. And then it would clump if you did another couple passes to correct the issue. I have seriously never encountered anything like that before in a mascara! I used it twice, then gave up.  Seriously, this is a product to avoid at all costs (~$15 original retail, I believe).

Well, that's it! It seems like less than it is, since I did group product shots instead of individuals. But, I will say I am thrilled that I get to throw all these empty containers out! They've been sitting on a shelf staring at me for three months- eeek!

Have you tried any of these products?

What do you think?


  1. I'd love to try out that Indigo Bananas balm!

  2. I'll have to check out that sea salt spray. I hate when salt sprays leave your hair too "dirty" feeling.

    I have yet to try any Anastasia brow products and I see them everywhere. I have dark brows, but I don't like them being too dark or intense. I've loved the It Cosmetics brow pencil that was a universal shade and I'm currently using a Face Shop gray brow pencil. I'm just trying to find a cheaper alternative atm.

    Also, I've never been a fan of Be A Bombshell products. I tried a liner of theirs once. It was awful. :(

  3. You finished quite a few items those past three months! New to see that. I have some empties for December but haven't taken pictures of it yet. Planning to do so this weekend though.

  4. I love that Clinique moisturizer, too, though I don't have the "intense" version, maybe that would work for you in winter? I bet you could score a sample. I just wish it had some SPF in it, then it would be perfect!

  5. I agree on that Ipsy lotion tube...I also got that Ipsy face wash that disagreed with you, but never used it yet. I did get an eye cream from the same brand in a later Ipsy bag, that was ok, no reactions or anything.

    I forgot about that Triple Lanolin I wanted to try!!

  6. It's the best balm, really! And it's like .67oz, which is actually quite a lot!

  7. I will be interested to see! You review A LOT of products, what with the Meme Box reviews and stuff.

  8. Yea the salt spray doesn't do anything to clean your hair, but if you use it on clean hair, it still feels pretty fresh.

    I mostly use eyeshadow or brow powder to fill brows in because mine are super light and non-existent at the tail. But I like to use a pencil to softly define the area first. That's really good to know about your Be A Bombshell liner experience!

  9. Hmm...interesting idea! Personally, I am happy it has no SPF, because I can't see myself layering makeup over something so heavily moisturizing! :)

  10. I had a sample of a body lotion from Nourish Organic before from an Ipsy bag, and it was just OK also. I am addicted to the Triple L! LOL!

  11. That Clinique used to be my HG moisturizer, then my skin decided to freak out on me and now I have to rotate every few weeks. I've got a bag full of empties waiting to be posted about and it'll probably be the only one I do, like, ever, because I tend to be awfully loyal to what I like and throw out what I don't :/ I've been trying to be resourceful and actually use what I've bought, though... I'm kind of intrigued by that Voluminous Butterfly brush and the St. Ives lotion.

  12. Ahhh, I don't wear foundation makeup so that never occurred to me. Good point!

  13. Oh man, that's lame you have t rotate now! Skin can be so fickle! I also have a lot of repeats in my empties becuase I tend to find things I like and stick with them...so I worry about these posts becoming boring, but oh well!

    I love the Voluminous Butterfly! You should check out the Intenza one if you don't switch hands for your non-dominant eye, because it has the flared bristles on both sides! :)