February 14, 2014

The Galaxy is My Valentine [Nail Art]

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I have a festive manicure for you: some pink/ purple heart galaxy nails!  This is actually my first attempt at the whole galaxy thing, and I found the creative process very fun.

I also thought I came up with the concept of the galaxy-inside-the-heart, but I did a pretty extensive Google search, and found someone else did a really cool version, here. Damn.

I did actually end up with a lot of bubbling as you can see- please try to ignore it! It wasn't really visible to the naked eye.  I'm pretty sure it came from my bottle of China Glaze- Fairy Dust, which is very thick, gloopy, and needs thinner.

Polishes used:

The base for all of the non-heart nails is China Glaze- When Stars Collide (which actually does not show through very much at all), and the creamy white of the heart, middle nail is Orly- Real Stylish (four coats).

The polishes I used to sponge on the nebulae were Orly- Velvet Rope, Misa- En Pointe, Misa- Tutu, Orly- Real Stylish, as well as Zoya- Purity, which was also used to dot the stars.  I decided not to include any of the cross/ t-style star flares.  I practiced them on a nail wheel, and just couldn't get them right for some reason.

All of the galaxies were finished with a layer of China Glaze- Fairy Dust, and then a coat of NYC- In A New York Minute.

So yea, I was super bummed when I noticed the bubbles, especially since I'm fairly trypophobic (Eek!), but I was rather pleased with how these turned out, and I can't wait to try more galaxies!

Oh yes, and to do the heart, you just cut out half of a heart shape in a piece of folded tape, and then use the remainder of the tape on the nail.  If you remove some of the sticky from the tape first on the back of your hand/ wrist, it helps you unfold the tape later on.  I prepared the tape piece before I even started my nails, so that I could fiddle with it with dry hands.


  1. Wow! I just love this Valentine's Day-themed galaxy! The purples and pinks are just so pretty, and I love the cutout heart!

  2. Holy crap you have outdone yourself, this is stunning. Also original-idea-smoriginal-smidear, everything's referential and original in some way or another. I can't stop scrolling up to look at these, they're completely amazing. Also I can't see the bubbles at all, so no worries! Great use of fairybutts, but man I love those white dots too! Excuse me, I need to go write a love letter to your manicure.

  3. pretty! I like that your galaxy nails are leaning towards pink, that works super with the whole valentines day theme!

  4. Thanks! Actually, picking the colors was probably the hardest part!

  5. Thank you! I finally did some nails I'm proud of- woot!

  6. Thanks! It was fun to design!

  7. Haha, THANK YOU!! I'll have to do some more galaxies soon...too fun. Actually, placing those dots in a random way made my brain break a little.

  8. I love it! Who cares if you found that someone else had the same idea? Oh wait, I hate it when that happens to me too. Still looks beautiful though, good job!