December 22, 2014

Butter London Double Take Fire Duo [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey everyone! Today, with Christmas just a few days away, I have a duo of seasonally-appropriate polishes to show you, which I received as a gift from the boyfriend! (Yay, men buying nail polish!)

This is Butter London's Double Take Fire Duo, and the polishes are Rebel Fox (crimson shimmer), and Brass Monkey (metallic, color-shifting shard glitter overcoat). These two polishes came packaged as a set and were released last Winter, 2013, as a Holiday duo. (There is also an Ice Duo.)

Butter London- Rebel Fox is a warmer-toned crimson or burgundy base with golden shimmer that appears almost metallic. I think Butter London describes this polish as oxblood...but I think it's slightly shy of oxblood, in my opinion.

Butter London- Brass Monkey is a color-shifting shard glitter topper in a clear suspension base. The flakes shift within the gold-orange-green range.

Artificial light, three coats with one coat of Brass Monkey on accent nails:

Window-filtered daylight:

(I had really poor natural light the day I swatched this- so sorry!)

Outside, shade:

Formula: Rebel Fox is creamy and applies really nicely, although I needed three coats for complete opacity. I really have no complaints about the texture, and I think if you're more careful and use sliiiiightly thicker coats, you might get away with just two layers.

I was dreading Brass Monkey slightly, since shard glitter can be notoriously bothersome, but the shard pieces actually do lay flat, and the base carries everything well. One thing I would say is that some people might think that the shards aren't dense enough in the base, but I actually liked the density. If you want more shards per coat, you could always apply it to a sponge first, and allow the sponge to absorb the base!



  1. I'm impressed by how flat those flakies sit on your nails! Digging this combo a lot, and Rebel Fox is just gorgeous <3

  2. Beautiful. Brass Monkey reminds me of China Glaze Luxe & Lush.

  3. It does! Except the shards in Luxe & Lush really stuck up for me AND they were a bit smaller. :/ I really wanted to like that one though.

  4. I love how Rebel Fox looks on you!

  5. Lux and lush stuck up on me too. Scratched the crap out of my face! Lol! Great post. Love this duo. I own it as well:)

  6. I'm sadly not very excited for Marsala as next year's color and I think I don't have anything like it in my collection (nail polish or makeup D: ). I do like your choices, specially the Butter London, the shimmer in it add something special to the color imho :)