January 20, 2014

Wintery, Ombre Snow Leopard Nails [Nail Art]

I've been thinking of trying a Winter-inspired leopard manicure, and here it is! This is only the second leopard design I've ever tried, so I am pretty pleased. 

The base is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Be Humble with a layer of China Glaze- Fairy Dust on top. The leopard spots are Zoya- Purity, LVX- Celeste, and Essie- Mesmerize.

I used a black StripeRite striper to outline the spots. I'm not completely happy with the way the black outlines turned out, but I'm thinking that's related to the striper brush being too thin...and brush-strokey? Next time I'll probably try a nail art brush with regular black polish. 

Honestly, though, these look so much nicer in person! The magnification really doesn't do it any favors.

What are your favorite tips and techniques for creating leopard designs?


  1. This is so cute, yay for fairybutts! I really like what you've done with the sort of french-leopard tips too, how you so good at this :D

    1. Ohmergerd I didn't even notice that blue sorta looked like french tips. Accidental win!