May 11, 2013

Empty Empty Empty: March & April

Here's a brief little departure from nail polish!  (Although, this still may be nail care-related, since there are a lot of hand creams.)

I really love 'empties' videos on youtube, as well as blog posts that talk about products people have completely finished.  So, I've been saving up my empties for the last couple of months to show you guys!  This post is oddly satisfying, and it's a really good feeling to completely use up a product.  It shows that you either loved it or didn't want to waste it/ waste money on it!

Without further ado, my empties for March and April are:


EOS Lip Balm- Tangerine  The EOS balms aren't the most moisturizing in the world, but I love them because they seem to be long wearing (I can wake up in the morning and it's still on my lips). Also, the packaging makes it really easy to find in my bag, which is half the battle with lip balm, in my opinion.

Before I started using this my lips were super chapped: constantly peeling and bleeding.  Well, not any more, because I decided to just apply it obsessively! I'm sure if I stop, they'll revert back to their prior state, but that's OK (I've since moved on to a different EOS sphere.)

A note: this tangerine version is the only medicated EOS balm, I believe.  It has phenol- maybe that's why my lips healed up so nicely? Phenol is one of the ingredients in lip balm that you are supposed to avoid- it can actually be an irritant as well as extremely addicting, so it's definitely not recommended for long-term use, and I probably won't be repurchasing this particular medicated EOS. I do plan on using some of the other non-medicated ones!

Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme- .5oz  I really like this one, but it is such a small tube, and I don't know if this is the biggest size they make.  I think I paid ~5ish bucks for it on, but it's lasted a super long time since the product is really rich and thick.  I like to apply this one in the car (at stoplights!) because it's very fast-absorbing.  It's also easy to localize to your cuticles and fingertips since the formula is so thick. If your cuticles are in bad shape, this might be a good choice.

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter  Yes!  I finally finished this beast of a cuticle balm. I think it took me about six months. The package is huge, if you don't know- 1.5oz, and it's a realllllly rich cream.  I like to use this at night for deep moisturizing all over my hands & cuticles.  I really hate the smell though; it's got a Lemon Pledge-esque chemical tinge instead of a refreshing, light lemon scent.

I might repurchase it though- it's expensive, but lasts so long, it's worth it.  It came in really handy during the Winter. 

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening with Shea Butter in the 14oz pump bottle.  This is my favorite hand cream, and it seems like I go through an entire bottle every month or so!  Sorry that it's mangled. The packaging is uber-convenient for 3 weeks, and then suddenly becomes super inconvenient when you want to get the remaining product that the pump can't reach!

Shea butter really agrees with my skin, and this cream is rich but not greasy.  Love.  I've already got a backup bottle lined up! 

Avon Hand Creme- 1.5oz I seem to get these in my stocking every Christmas, and it's a nice little tube to keep in your bag.  It's not a bad hand creme- my biggest gripe is the name. It's really more of a lotion than a creme.  One of the main ingredients is mineral oil, so if you use too much, it's a little greasy.  A little goes a long way.  I have three more tubes of this waiting in the wings- lol!

Eucerin Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer  This is another little tube I have kept in my bag, 1oz.  Eucerin is supposed to be great for sensitive skin, but my hands aren't that sensitive, so I couldn't tell you about that.  This lotion actually feels very similar to the Avon one, and that's because it's main moisturizing ingredient is mineral oil again.  It also has colloidal oatmeal for the 'calming properties' I guess.  If you don't use too much, this does sink in pretty quickly, so I did like that aspect.

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil Free Energizing Gel Cream Moisturizer  This is a tiny .4oz tube that I think I got in a Birchbox many moons ago.  I have really crazily sensitive skin, and some moisturizers just irritate my skin and cause redness, but this one makes my skin look nice, and dewy and refreshed after sleeping with it on at night.  The texture is really lovely also- just like it says: a gel- cream hybrid.  It does have some ultra-fine shimmer in it...which is not something I need before bed, but OK.

I have a second tube of this (same size) that I got with some Sephora points, waiting to be used. I really have come to moderately like this, and might repurchase it once my other tube is gone.

Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner  I really enjoyed the feel of this conditioner, and bought it for the shea butter.  I just realized a week ago that it contains silicones, and I've been trying to stay away from them in hair products since my hair is fine, and I avoid sulfates.  Without sulfates, silicones just build up in your hair.

Unfortunately, I've already repurchased this, but will be using it to shave my legs instead!  If you do use sulfates in your shampoo, then this is an excellent conditioner- it's super moisturizing, and fantastic for the price-point.

...And, lastly, if we're counting sample-size sachets, then-

L'Oreal EverCreme Nourishing Conditioner  This is a nice-feeling conditioner, very rich.  It has no silicones, but does have nice natural oils like sunflower seed, so that is super awesome.  It's possible I might buy a full-size version of this in the future.  I do remember trying the sulfate-free shampoo from this line and hating it, fyi.  Something in it was really drying and irritating- yikes.  But, this conditioner is totally different, and I liked it.  The sachet lasted me two uses.


And...that's it!  I've already begun hoarding my empties [garbage] for the next edition, so look out for that!  I hope these little mini-reviews will be helpful.


  1. I am really impressed that the Suave naturals does not have any petroleum, mineral oil and paraffin. I am going to get some! Some people are against all of that but I find that products with mineral oil and such work pretty well.... so I am torn but .... that gold bond lotion sounds really NICE!

    Thanks for the tip on silicone and sulfates. I did not know that, so I will try to remember. I like sulfate free shampoos and I do use a Redken silicone shine enhancer.... makes sense because sometimes I feel my sulfate free shampoos are just not cutting it and switch back and forth between sulfate and sulfate free.

    I am really impressed that you finished all of that lemony flutter. I can not get through all of it before it spoils. I am on my second jar and I think I'm am going to start to use it on my toes this summer otherwise I might end up tossing out 2/3 of it. It would be a shame b/c it is pretty expensive.

    Awesome post and very helpful!

    1. Yea, I was impressed with that Suave conditioner- if I used sulfates, it would be my go-to! I think mineral oil is pretty demonized. The scientific community seems to agree that it is quite safe. In some people it might exacerbate acne, but I think that's pretty rare. Here's an article:

      I have heard about the Lemony Flutter spoiling on people, but it never happened to me. Our house is really cold though- like 63°F most of the year, so maybe that's why it lasted, lol!

    2. That is a good article. Thanks for the link. I see mineral oil in sensitive skin products too. 63 degrees is COLD, I'm most comfortable at 72.. wow. I thought about storing LF in the fridge but then I would forget to use it. HMMM maybe I'll just scoop some out for the bedside and put the rest of it in the fridge! Thanks Cait!

  2. I feel like you, I love seeing empty videos and feel so proud when I empty something or hit the pan on my powder products. So yay you! And thank you for sharing your views and all these products. I've been eyeing the Lemon Flutter thing for aeons, but always put it off because it's closer to $20 here. But $20 for 6 months on products doesn't sound BAD at all. So I may jump on it :D

    Look forward to read more about your empties sometime soon! Also I don't mind if you don't post all nail related stuff. I started getting into makeup (thanks to nailpolish) so I'm a total n00b and would love to read your opinions or reviews on makeuo (like blushes, BB creams, eyeshadows, concealer, etc) :)

    1. I have only ever hit pan on a couple pressed shadows (as far as powder products), and it's an awesome feeling. :) I kinda wish Lush would make a smaller size of the Lemony Flutter, since some people report it going bad. That way it would be a little more affordable too.

      Thanks for the feedback on the blog content! I love all kinds of makeup too, but I'm not as experienced with it as with polish. But it's fun to experiment with stuff!