May 15, 2013

[Press Release] China Glaze Sunsational Summer 2013

China Glaze has released promotional images for their Summer 2013 collection called Sunsational haaar har har.  I think there are also some promo images floating around where it is labelled "On The Shore" instead, but I think Sunsational is the official name. (Way to be confusing, China Glaze!)

This collection contains 12 polishes in two sets: 6 neon cremes, and 6 neon jellies.  Neon jellies!!  (Put those two words together, and I'm a happy lady. )

The cremes:

Sun Of A Peach- peachy orange neon
Neon & On & On- coral-leaning pink neon
Bottoms Up - neon pink with purple undertone
That's Shore Bright- warm purple neon
Too Yacht To Handle- bright green-leaning blue
Highlight Of My Summer- bright mint green

The Jellies!

Shell-O- neon coral jelly
You Drive Me Coconuts- cool pink neon jelly
Heat Index - warm pink neon jelly
Are You Jelly?- purple neon jelly
Isle See You Later- bright blue jelly
Keepin' It Teal- bright teal jelly

I am inordinately excited about the jellies, I really am.  I hope they are as bright neon as they appear to be in these images!

What do you think?  Do you guys like to wear neon shades in the Summer/ whenever?

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