May 11, 2013

[Press Release] OPI San Francisco Fall/ Winter 2013

I know, I some places it doesn't even feel like Spring yet! Fall/ Winter previews already?

Well, whether you like it or not, OPI has recently released images of their upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 collection, inspired by San Francisco. There are twelve new shades, as well as three new textured polishes (which I sort of wish they would stop trying to make happen, to be honest).

Don't forget to read the polish name descriptions, because they are equally as hilarious/inane as the polish names themselves.

Muir Muir on the Wall -This trailblazing plum is the fairest of all. 
In the Cable Car-Pool Lane -Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away! 
Embarca-Dare Ya! -Betcha can’t pass up this marvelous magenta. 
First Date at the Golden Gate -You and me and this shimmery ruby make three.

Keeping Suzi at Bay -There’s no holding back this assertive navy blue. 
Incognito in Sausalito -You better keep this almost-black blue under wraps. 
Lost on Lombard -Oh garn-et! I’m all turned around! 
I Knead Sour-Dough -Are you bready to wear this toasty warm brown?

A-Piers to Be Tan -I shore do like this chocolaty tan. 
Dining al Frisco -Just feast your eyes on this fresh-air blue! 
Haven’t the Foggiest -Can’t tell you why I love this misty gray...I just do! 
Peace & Love & OPI -This holographic sage and eggplant is far out!

It’s All San Andreas’s Fault -I’d move mountains to get this textured earthy taupe!
Alcatraz...Rocks -There’s no escaping this arresting textured gray.
Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! -Dog-gone it...fetch me that textured matte blue!

So, while I'm not ready to think about next Fall yet, since it's only mid-50's here today, I am excited about a few polishes in this collection.  Fall nail colors are my favorite, and I think there are a couple winners here- namely: Peace & Love & OP, Muir Muir on the Wall, and In the Cable Car-Pool Lane.  (And maybe those darker blues, as well, although I feel I've seen them before.)

What do you think?  Excited about any of these?


  1. Fall and winter polishes as well as F/W clothes are my favorite too, and I get excited when I see the new lines! Love muir muir and the blue black ones!

    1. Me too! I can't wait until these are released. There are definitely some interesting colors.

  2. San Fancisco is my dream city, THE place I'd love to live and die in, so you can tell I'm more than excited about them! I may even buy the entire collection just for the sake of its source of inspiration :D

    1. I have never been there! Can you believe that? But, it sounds amazing, and an amazing place-inspiration for an OPI collection!

  3. love them, any ideas which will be available in gelcolor?

    1. I haven't seen any info on which will be released in gelcolor, sorry! We'll have to wait and see I guess. :/