May 23, 2013

Mail-time: Miscellaneous Polishy Goodness!

A few days ago, Hambone discovered a box! 

It was quite a large box!

(but he just wanted his carrot/s)

Let's open!

It's the motherload!  I went kind of nuts on one night.  Their shipping is usually incredibly fast, by the way- I've yet to be disappointed!

Peeking in the boxes...

That strange cylinder is a nail foil called "Ocean Waves."  Here it is:

I've never tried nail foils before.  Any tips?  I will probably do a blog post on them, because I picked up another too, as they're quite inexpensive:

Peacock feather print! Eeeeeii!

Here's the bounty all together!

Looks so girly...I'm not sure why I am so into pinks and purples lately, but I'm gonna roll with it! 

Bottle shots! (by brand)

Three Orly polishes from the new Mash Up Summer 2013 collection: Orly- Mayhem Mentality, Orly- Pretty-Ugly, and Orly- Beautiful Disaster.  I love me some Orly but I hate hate hate the new packaging!

Misa- Peach Passion and Misa- Lovely Lychee from the new Summer 2013 Fresh and Fruity release.  I'm wearing Lovely Lychee on my toes now, and it's happy and Summery, and the formula was fantastic.

Three Essie polishes, but each from different collections!

  1. The first is Essie- Bottle Service from the Spring 2013 Summer Neons. 
  2. The second is Essie- Sand Of A Beach (heh- my favorite polish name ever!) I have no idea what collection it's from or when it was released. If you happen to know, please enlighten me!   I think it's quite old, but I've been eyeing it forever.  
  3. The third is Essie- Using My Maiden Name from this year's Bridal collection.

I finally picked up the only polish from the Hologlam collection that piqued my interest: China Glaze- When Stars Collide.

Lastly, more China Glaze.  These are from the Summer 2013 Sunsational collection, and they're four of the neon jellies!  From left to right: China Glaze- Shell-O, Heat Index, You Drive Me Coconuts, and Are You Jelly?.


I plan on swatching just about everything here, since most of it is from new seasonal releases, but do let me know which you'd like to see first (if you have a preference), and I'll definitely prioritize accordingly!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous :)
    Beautiful Disaster (haha I secretly still like that song by 311) looks great, can't wait to see that swatched!

    1. 311 was awesome back in the day, right? :)

  2. I love getting boxes like this in the mail, haha. Can't wait to see your pics of the nail foil in action. I think I've seen that silver before, but not the peacock.

    1. I love boxes too! So exciting! They had a couple different silver holographic foils like that, and I'm excited to find out whether or not I'm capable of applying these properly, lol!

  3. Nail mails are so much fun:) And great polishes you picked out !

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely set for Summer colors for a while.

  4. I love when you have hauls cuz that means pics of the dog! You picked some beautiful polishes - can't wait to see them on you!

    1. I need to find a way to work him into more of my posts, lol!

  5. I have Using My Maiden Name on my nails right now - it's gorgeous, although I found the formula to be a little streaky. That one seems to be the biggest hit from the Bridal collection.

    And yay for Hambone discovering The Box!

    1. Haha, good to know about Using My Maiden Name! I look forward to trying that one.