May 7, 2013

Revlon- Smoldering [Swatch]

Here is Revlon- Smoldering, a silvery, lavender-grey duochrome with a healthy tinge of green.

In the bottle, it's one of those oil-slick colors, but most of us know that that property rarely translates completely to the nail, so let's take a look!

Artificial light, two coats:

You could layer this over black for slightly more drama, but the difference was so minor when I swatched it that way, that I personally won't bother in the future..

Mixed artificial & natural daylight:

Window-filtered daylight:

You might notice that it has scattered shimmer particles too, which reminds me of Butter London- Knackered. This one is definitely more opaque than Knackered, but it has less noticeable/ contrasty color shift.

Outside, shade:

The cool, lavender tones come out in the shade, and you see less of the greenish tinge.


In the sun, the scattered shimmer really changes the appearance of the finish: less duochrome-y; more blingy.  Interesting.

Formula: The consistency is on the thinner side, but this seems to be the norm from Revlon, in my experience.  Although it's thin, it's pigmented, and the polish wasn't as sheer as I was expecting.  It was just about opaque in two coats.  The pinkie & ring nails have 3 thinner coats, and the middle & index nails have only two thicker coats.

I did end up with some tiny bubbling, even though I didn't use really thick coats...I don't know if you can tell from the swatches.