December 13, 2013

KBShimmer Blogger Collection Winter 2013 [Swatch] & [Review]

Today, I've got two of the KBShimmer Winter 2013 Blogger collection polishes to show you!

First up is KBShimmer- Strung Out:

Strung Out is a deep charcoal (not quite black until layered) jelly base filled with a couple sizes and colors of circle glitter.  There are silver circles that flash a bit holographic, as well as aqua, green, and red circles.  All of that is swimming in a matrix of very tiny color-coordinated glitter.

Artificial light, three coats + 2 coats Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat & 1 coat Out The Door:

This is so nice for the Holidays. It looks like Christmas tree bokeh.

Window-filtered daylight:

Formula: The base is a bit thin and sheer to carry the density of the glitter, but it builds relatively easily despite that.  You don't really have to fish for glitter, but to get enough variety on the brush it helps to swirl it around inside the bottle first.  Sometimes I ended up with really lumpy clumps of glitter on my nail that was hard to spread out (like on my ring finger nail!), but I'm no pro at applying dense glitters.

I used three coats just to even out my glitter placement, but two coats made the base opaque enough.

I wanted to show what Strung Out would look like on its own, but next time I'll definitely just layer it over a black creme for simplicity's sake- it was very bumpy worn this way, as you can probably tell.

Next, KBShimmer- Snow Much Fun:

Snow Much Fun is a baby blue/ (medium cerulean when built up) jelly base with white and blue hexes as well larger, white circle glitters and chunky snowflake-shaped glitter!  There is also a matrix of sparser, holographic microglitter, which I did not know about until seeing this polish in person!!!

Artificial light, three coats + 1 coat of Revlon- Quick Dry Top Coat & 2 coats of Out The Door:

The blue hexes actually flash a bit blue-rainbowy.  Pretty!  I have to say that I am typically not a fan of chunky glitter mixes, but this polish completely changed my mind, and I really enjoyed wearing it!

Window-filtered daylight:

Formula: I find that the base carries this glitter assortment better than Strung Out's base- maybe that's because this glitter is less chunky overall (except for the snowflakes).  I needed 3 coats for a good opacity and to smooth out the glitter.

I did have to fish for the snowflakes a bit, even after turning the bottle upside down prior to using it. Once you get a snowflake on the brush, it's pretty easy to dab it on where you want it.  I was satisfied with three coats, opacity-wise, although there was still VNL.

I had a small issue with the edges of the snowflakes sticking up, so be prepared to use a lot of topcoat with this as well.

What do you think? 


  1. HOLY MOLY! I MUST HAVE THESE! Absolutely gorgeous; thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm not really into seasonal polishes or shaped glitter but... HOT DAYAMN, those are amazing!! :O Your swatches as always are spectacular, thanks for sharing these <3

  3. I've really loved the reviews of seen of the KBShimmer holiday polishes, I'll probably break down soon and get some Also, I love the picture of Hambone:-)