December 30, 2013

Bottle Spam: Top 10 Polishes of 2013!

With just about one day remaining in 2013, I thought it was time for a top 10 list. So, here are some polishes that really hit the mark for me this year! These lists are so fun to make- I'm excited!

I don't think this list is super definitive, since I did want to limit my picks to polishes I've actually tried and swatched for Polish Hound throughout the year.  I have some amazing-looking untrieds, as well as some polishes that I wore and never got a change to photograph which definitely would have made the cut.

I also wanted to select only polishes released during 2013, which also rules out a lot of great stuff.

At any rate, enjoy! These are not ranked in any particular order...


Cult Nails- Masquerade
:  Oh yes: a glassflecky multichrome with a nice formula that you can layer over other polishes or wear on its own? Yes.


Zoya- Liberty:  I fell in love with a lot of the Pixie Dust finishes this year, and had a hard time narrowing to just one (and, in fact, Liberty is almost tied with Carter for me), but Liberty is so bright and saturated, I know I'll be wearing it again and again. Just fun and beautiful.


Zoya- Payton: A scattered holographic from the Winter Zenith collection. I adore the base color and the holographic rainbow shimmer doesn't hurt.  Interestingly enough, Zoya also delivered a very similar polish last year- Blaze - that made my top 10 for 2012!


Indigo Bananas- Shadow:  My swatches don't do this one justice, but it's a crazy blue-indigo multichrome with an interesting glassflecky finish.  So shifty!


Formula X for Sephora- Demolition: The Formula X line debut was very successful, and I think Demolition is one of the most interesting glitter combinations being offered by any commercial brand at the moment.  Matte pastel/ neon glitter- hello!


KBShimmer- Snow Much Fun: I didn't know I was a fan of chunkier glitters with odd shapes until I wore this.  The best part of this polish is the scattered holographic shimmer that doesn't show up in anyone's photos!


Illamasqua- Facet: This is a major win for Illamasqua, I think. A taupey base with bronzey-copper shimmer?  Who can say no to that? 


Illamasqua- Harem: Another Illamasqua! I didn't see this one gushed about too much anywhere, but don't worry, I'm here to do that for you! This is a straight creme, but in all of my stash, I don't have another pink like it.  It's got a heavy purple undertone, and is very bright and vivid.  I hardly ever love pink and I super-love this one.


I Love Nail Polish- Birefringence
: Part of my first foray into I Love Nail Polish, Birefringence really impressed me.  It's so multifaceted and shifty- very entertaining- and has an easy formula to work with.


China Glaze- Snap My Dragon: I know a lot of people were disappointed by most of China Glaze's releases this year, but I think the Spring collection had some high points. Snap My Dragon is the most awesome blue-toned red.  It practically glows, and I loved the way my hands looked wearing this. Also great formula.

So, admittedly, I couldn't choose just 10.  Here are three that almost made the cut.

Runners Up:

Misa- Lovely Lychee: Another pink that I love!  Again, this one leans strongly purple, but it's different from Illamasqua- Harem.  Nearly perfect formula.

China Glaze- Sunday Funday: Another nice one from China Glaze's Spring Avant Garden release.  This is just a straight creme, but it's soooo nice and brightly saturated.

Formula X for Sephora- Kapow!: I know, I included both of the Formula X polishes I've tried so far! Kapow! doesn't have the best formula, but the color is an amazing electric blue with flecks of pink, and i just can't resist color like that! Electric blue!

That's it!  Happy New Year, Everyone!

What do you think?  What were your favorite polishes this year? I'd love to know!


  1. I especially like Illamasqua- Facet. Wow! I may have to get this. Happy New Year!!
    ~Celeste :)

  2. I see a slight pink and blue tendency ;) Lovely picks! happy new year!

    1. that you mention it, I can see that!

  3. Awesome list, lots of variety in finish and color. Some of these I really need to pick up!

    1. Thanks! I tried to include some of everything...

  4. Man I gotta order some Indigo Bananas....

    Happy new year!!

  5. These are all so beautiful! I think I may need to pick up Zoya Payton during their next promo.

    1. Thanks and good idea! Zoya's Winter collections always have some real winners. :)