December 10, 2013

Nautical Stamped Skittles [Nail Art]

So everyone is doing sweater nails and snowflake manicures, and I'm just sitting here stamping nautical designs.  Hopefully the color combination make it more Wintery!

The base is KBShimmer- Maybe Navy with Zoya- Trixie used for the stamping.  There is also a layer of China Glaze- Fairy Dust since I've seen it layered into so many gorgeous stamping manicures lately!

All of the images are from different plates in the new Bundle Monster 'Create Your Own' set.

Awkward cephalopod hand:

I wish I'd placed the index nail stud in the normal place.  I put it there to accent the heart- before I decided to put studs on all the nails.  Alas!  Sometimes you just get too excited to plan out nail art properly.

Unfortunately, I also made the noob mistake of putting the Fairy Dust over the stamping instead of under, and it obscured the designs a little bit. But, I didn't want to stamp over a damp layer of Fairy Dust...soooo dilemmas.  

And, in window-filtered sun to show the Fairy Dust magic sauce:


  1. Love this! I like the odd stud out, too. :)

  2. Wow! I know you said putting it over the stamping was a mistake, but I think it made a really cool effect by kind of obscuring it a bit! This combo is awesome! I'm going to need to try stamping with Trixie some day!

  3. Every design I do, I wanna put Fairy Dust on it. EVERY TIME! It's just so gorgeous and amazing.I love it!!!

  4. Love it! I think it looks really cool with fairy dust over the stamping, and the studs you added fit super awesome too.