July 22, 2015

Three More Polishes from Savvy Naturalista! [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey everyone! How are ya'?

Today I've got three more polishes from indie brand Savvy Naturalista to show you! As you can probably tell, I've sort of grouped them in two color families, so today we'll be looking at reds and pinks!

(If you missed the first set of Savvy Naturalista swatches, be sure to check them out here!)

Smash that Tutti Pink

These look interesting- let's get into it!

First, here is maybe the most well-known shade, Savvy Naturalista- Strawberry Blast:

Strawberry Blast is a red jelly base filled with black microglitter that flashes holographic when the light hits it just the right way. When built up, this red become more warm-toned, approaching tomato territory- at least against my skin. It's a pretty neutral-toned red, after all.

Artificial light, three coats:

Up close:

Formula: It's pretty sheer, but builds easily, and dries down quickly as well. It applies smoothly, levels, and I liked the opacity level at three coats. Squishy!

The glitter does stand up from the dry base a tiny bit, so you'll definitely want top coat to smooth things and bring out the shimmer! (That was easy to do with one coat of Glisten & Glow- HK Girl!)

Next, this one is Savvy Naturalista- Pimp My Fuchsia:

Pimp My Fuchsia has a dark pink, cool-toned jelly base that could also be considered a very warm purple (with a lot of magenta in it). In it are metallic/holo hexes in varying sizes, square metallic glitters, as well as holographic microglitter. It's a complex glitter mix, but still cohesive, and very pretty!

Artificial light, three coats:

Up close:

Beautiful! (and so girly!)

Formula: The base is really very sheer, but goes on easily and self-levels like a jelly should. The glitter distributes evenly, and you get plenty out on the brush, too. I found that three coats gave a nice squishy look with a lot of depth. There's still visible nail line, but it's not out of control.

Last, Savvy Naturalista- Smash that Tutti Pink:

Smash that Tutti Pink is a warm-toned, candy pink crelly base with a couple of sizes of pink, metallic holographic hex glitters as well as square holographic glitters in a couple of sizes. It also has the holographic microglitter.

There are also super sparse blue hexes, which seem kind of random, and you can see that only one made it out onto my nail. Sort of strange!

Artificial light, two coats:

Up close:

Formula: It's got a thicker viscosity, and the pigmentation is what you'd expect of a typical crelly: slightly sheer, but very buildable. The glitter distributes pretty well, and you get plenty on your brush. It dries down quickly, but you will need top coat since the glitters stand out from the base a little. Two coats were opaque for me!

One thing I will say is that if you use coats that are too thick, it will cause wrinkling to develop- kinda like bubbles...but wrinkles, instead. That's easily avoidable though with moderate coats, and overall this is pretty nice!

Overall, I like these three as well! I think Pimp My Fuchisa is my favorite just because it's a little more sparkly with the holo glitters, but Smash that Tutti Pink is also wonderfully girly. The formulas on all three of these are nice! They'll need top coat, but what else is new with glitter mixes?  Overall, I'd recommend them!

Savvy Naturalista | $6 - 8

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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