July 27, 2015

MoYou Fairytale Stamping on Femme Fatale Heart's Desires [Nail Art]

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's already the last week in July? Crazy! Today I just have some double stamping to share...on top of the most beautiful polish!

I'm talking about Femme Fatale- Heart's Desires from the recent White Witch (C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles-inspired) release!

Heart's Desires is a semi-sheer, salmon pink jelly base filled with color-shifting flakies that mostly show green-orange-yellow on the nail. There is also copper microglitter in the mix.

I wasn't initially certain that I needed this polish, but the more I saw it, the more it grew on me. And, it blows me away in person! Just stunning, really. Femme Fatale has been killing it recently, no? The high-pressure restocks are not my favorite, but some of these shades are totally worth it, in my opinion!

I have a couple of others from the White Witch collection (Lantern Waste, Her Imperial Majesty, & The First Northern Witch), which you may see at some point, and there's one I'm still lemming like mad: Hundred Year's Winter! Ugh, I NEED that one! It was in my cart during color4nails' initial sale of the collection, but I just. wasn't. fast. enough. Wah!

Onto the nails!

For the purposes of this nail design, I used two thicker-than-average coats of Heart's Desires, but I think if you wore it alone you might want three coats, depending on your polishing style. I was happy with the opacity, though!

The stamping images all come from MoYou London- Fairytale 02. The middle and ring fingers are double stamped, and the other fingers have just one layer of stamping.

The rain-looking droplets are done with L'Oreal- Masked Affair, and you can see that it stamps quite sheerly. I ended up liking the effect though!

Polishes used:

Femme Fatale- Heart's Desires, A England- Dorian Gray, L'Oreal- Masked Affair

Time for some macro because this polish is all about the details!




I always think I've had enough of flakie polishes for the moment, and then something amazing like this comes out- and NOPE.

What do you think?
Have you tried Femme Fatale or any from the White Witch release?

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