August 18, 2014

[Guest Post] Tunay Na Mahal: Glitter Placement with Zoya Monet

Hello! If all goes according to plan, I'll be back in town and back to the normal blogging routine by Wednesday, so today's post is the final guest post! This time, it comes from Sarah Lynn of Tunay Na Mahal.  Sarah Lynn is the master of stamped accent nails. Take a look at how she swatched Zoya's Naturel Deux collection! Come on! 

I'll let her tell you about this manicure!


I'm Sarah Lynn, from Tunay Na Mahal blog. I'm really flattered Cait asked me to guest post for her. :) Cait always has such gorgeous professional looking swatches, so I hope I do her guest post justice with my nail art today.

It's August, and I'm pretty much over summer. I'm ready to move into fall now. Fall leaves, fall weather, fall colors, and pumpkin everything! I've been wanting to wear darker more subtle colors lately, instead of bright summery colors.

Zoya Madeline from the Naturel Deux collection was my base for this manicure. It's a nice deep mauve rose color. I used two coats. I also decided to give Zoya Monet another chance. I want to love Monet because it's so pretty in the bottle, but it's just so goopy and sticky when you use it as a topcoat. So, I decided to do something a little different. I took an orange stick and picked individual glitters from Monet and lined them up on my nails. You definitely need some patience and time to do this, but the end result was really pretty, and much sparklier in person. Everything is topped off with Seche Vite topcoat.


  1. These are some nice glitter placement nails! I really need to try these more often. Great guest post!

  2. It's really beautiful and subtle enough for everyday wear to work as well.

  3. Love this (as I do all of Sarah's post!). I really want to try a glitter placement, maybe one day I'll sit aside some time and try it.

  4. What an amazing mani!! I wish I Had the patience to do this!

  5. Thank you so much Sarah Lynn! Monet is so, so pretty this way! <3