August 21, 2014

Mail-time: Zoya Entice & Ignite Fall 2014 Polishes

Hey everybody!  This is my first official post since returning from Colorado. I had an amazing time! Lots of intense all-day hiking (elevation sickness is a real thing), white water rafting (class IV rapids, woo!), and general outdoorsy, photography goodness! I've been posting some landscapes to Instagram (@polishhound), and I'll probably continue to do so as I process the photos! The Rockies are more than incredible, and I can't wait to go back!

On to the meat of this post! Although it was pretty disappointing to return to Illinois, I did arrive to some killer nail mail. The Zoya Fall 2014 Collections, Entice & Ignite, have hit my doorstep! I've been really looking forward to these ever since seeing the promotional images. I love Fall color palettes, and Zoya's offerings during the season are always stunning!

Baby carrots may or may not have been used to manipulate Ham into "posing" for these photos:

Oh, you found where I'm keeping the delicious carrot-y rewards, huh?

Still gazing at carrots...

And, finally, the Ham-dragon:

Let's look at some bottle shots! I had a blast photographing these!


left to right: Yuna, Remy, Sansa, Teigen, India, Autumn


left to right: Geneviev, Ryan, Margo, Veronica, Claire, Nyssa

Some random macro goodness:

Aren't these so lovely?! I love how Zoya usually breaks seasonal collections into two parts: typically one consists solely of creme finishes, and the other of glassflecks, shimmers, or other non-cremes. Organization, FTW!

Of course, I'm working on swatching all of these gorgeous shades, but I do have to warn you that it will take a bit of time.  I've been gone a week and a half, so there are a lot of things that currently need my attention.  Also, these polishes really deserve the best representation possible, so I'm just going to take my time and do them justice.  Hope you don't mind!

If you're desperately looking for swatches ASAP, I recommend:


  1. Awesome nail mail! I cannot wait to see these collections swatched and reviewed!

  2. Much glassfleck. So sparkle. Wow. :)

    Looking forward to your swatches of this amazing collection! I'm specially interested in Yuna and Sansa (for nerdy reasons lol).

  3. Some day, like when I'm 60, I might be able to take bottle shots like you <3 Just beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I'm having fun swatching/ wearing them so far!

  5. Haha, he acts a lot like a dragon too!

  6. Aw, shucks! THANK YOU! It's allllllllll in the lighting, and I'm still learning every day! :D

  7. Ugh, I already wore Yuna, and LOVED it! And haha, your first reaction was the same as mine when I first saw Ignite!

  8. I am seriously drooling over these photos. SO. GOOD.

  9. Gorgeous collection!