August 4, 2014

KBShimmer- Toucan Touch This [Swatch]

Today I have KBShimmer- Toucan Touch This to share with you! It was originally released Fall of 2012, but I believe it has since been discontinued. Unfortunate, because I can't think of another exactly like it! (Also the name cracks me up!)

Toucan Touch This is a chartreuse base with blue, yellow, and red hexagonal glitter, as well as two smaller sizes (one tiny) of hex that are holographic. There are also tiny, short little bar glitter particles.

This type of chartreuse verges on being a lime green, in my opinion, and I love that.  It's just...tropical.

Artificial light, three coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

I'm really loving chartreuse lately, especially for Summer, so this was really fun to wear!

Outside, shade:

Formula: The base is a medium consistency and carries the glitter decently. Sometimes, the glitter would clump together a little on the nail, and would resist spreading out (see index nail). It does dry down quickly, though, which is nice. I needed three coats, since there was still definite visible nail line after two, and the glitter placement still needed work. All in all, definitely not bad!



  1. This polish is such a cool mix of base and glitters, I have such a soft spot for those chartruese greens :)

  2. What a fun color! I usually don't like bar glitter but since its so small here, I actually really like it.